Monday, October 15, 2018

(COVER REVEAL) Refusing To Sink by RaeBeth McGee-Buda

Oh my gosh!! 
The past few weeks have been super crazy but I'm happy to slow
down a bit to enjoy this reveal with you. This upcoming novella
is a short Christian read and is perfect for Christmas. The cover was created
by EmCat Designs and it's absolutely beautiful. 


COMING December 1st.
Description for Refusing to Sink:

Christmas: a time thought to be full of love, joy, and celebration.
Lily lost her beloved second daughter years ago and was determined to spend every waking moment making memories with Hope and Jax. Christmas was no exception and a favored holiday. However, Lily's faith was shaken and left in pieces when tragedy struck; leaving Hope battered and in a coma. On Christmas Eve after a month of no improvement and Hope's health declining, doctor's suggest taking her off of life support. Lily was devastated and questioned everything she believed in life; including God.
Twelve years old, Hope enters into a paradise she had heard of so many times in her life. While there, she meets the One who knows all and controls all. She meets some unexpected people while learning of her life's important purpose; to help her mother truly find the love of the Lord.
Why would he love Lily so much but put her through so much heartache by taking another child away? Why would God give such an important task to such a young girl who had so much to learn about life? Would each of them learn to live with the differences set before them in life?


What do you think?

I am super excited about this release and I can't wait until you get to read it. 
Beta readers are welcome to contact me if interested in doing a beta read for me. 

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