About Me

First and foremost, I am me. I'm real. I don't write to impress. I write to express. I'm twenty-five years old. I love blogging, reading, and I'm an author. I'm currently working on several books which I am determined to break into the publishing world. I'm a mother to one beautiful little girl who's my world and I'm expecting another. I'm a SAHM. I'm  married to the man of my dreams which supports me in my journey to the publishing world.

I am a conservative person at the most part. I am quiet until you get to know me. Once I know you.. well I have a tendency to talk....   But most of all I am a believer in GOD and no person/thing can change that.

Bit of Randomness:

Favorite Quote: On the inside I committed suicide. On the outside is a fake smile... don't ask questions you will never get the answers to... just try to finishing walking that mile.....

I loooove music. I have very little scars. I love black fingernail polish. I hated school but graduated with a 3.0 and graduated from college on the deans list. I have a big family. My memory sucks.

I love to walk around my house naked. I like to walk in the rain and the sound of rain is waaay cool. Lightening is amaaazing. I hate roller coasters. I like making mistakes so long as I can honestly say I learned something from it. I'm not afraid of heights.

I love rock climbing. I have incredible, supporting friends. My biggest concern for my future, other than never straying from god, is being the best mother I can and one day be proud of who my child is.

God has given me soooo much more than I could ever ask for. I thank him everyday for everything I have. I love to act dumb in front of my family. I hate snow. I never met my grandmother on my mother's side. I miss my Grand parents on my fathers side everyday and wish that I could see them more often. I fell fast for the one that I love. I never regret the way my life turned out.


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