Friday, April 20, 2012

Review: Centauri Twilight by Cynthia Woolf

Title: Centauri Twilight
Author: Cynthia Woolf
Pages: Approx 102
Format: eBook


Lara Danexx suffered years of torment at the hands of the evil and twisted Ranzon Slaverian. But she escaped and raised an army of rebels to destroy him. Victory is within her grasp when an unwelcome intruder hunts her down and spins wild tales of her lost family and royal blood. This arrogant invader stirs her long dead emotions and threatens to ruin all of her plans. She can’t allow herself to desire his touch, or believe his lies…too much is at stake. General Anton Coridian gave his word that he would find his beloved queen’s long lost sister, Princess Jondalara. He expects a pampered princess. Instead he finds a guerilla leader with an army of loyal cut-throats and rogues at her back. Every instinct he has demands that she is his lifemate and he must steal her away to safety. But the dark determination and pain in her eyes reminds him of his own tortured past. She offers him redemption and the chance to right an unspeakable wrong. Destiny must be laughing, because now he’s fallen in love with a woman who will stop at nothing to free her people…even if it means sacrificing herself. Anton is determined to join her, both in bed and in battle. Now he must convince Lara that his love can save not just her life, but her battered heart.

Review: I was very surprised with this one. I finished the first book in this series and I enjoyed it. I did notice that the end of book one didn't match up with book two. At the end of book one, its said that Audra and Darius became pregnant and over time ended up with three kids. In Centauri Twilight, the couple were pregnant with their first baby through the entire book.

While reading Centauri Twilight, I noticed several things about this book. The lack of editing makes this one a hard read. It seems it could use another run. At times in the book it's hard to follow because the point of view changes between the characters. I do believe parts of the book feel rushed.  The beginning battle when Anton finds Lara was too easy. I was hoping to see some type of struggle or battle. There wasn't one. When Lara and Anton go back to Delaz City to over take the king, this too felt rushed. I think the book could have been longer if some of these details were added in, therefore making this a much more enjoyable book.

I've given Centauri Twilight ** (2 Stars). The over all plot confused me at times with the change in point of views within the same paragraph and the lack of details make it seem like the book was rushed to be written. I do have the third book but after this one, I'm not real sure if I will take the time to read it. I wasn't drawn into this one as I was with the first book within the series.

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