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Interview with author Jennifer Loiske

Interview with Jennifer Loiske

1. Please tell the readers a bit more about you.

I live in Finland in Naantali, which is a small sunny town on the southwest coast (mostly known of the Moomin Valley). I’m a pre-school teacher by profession but I stayed home when my youngest daughter suffered brain fever, which developed severe epilepsy in 2004. I guess that’s when I first considered starting writing again as I had to stay awake and monitor her whilst she was sleeping and it can be really sleepy and boring when the house is quiet… I’m a workaholic and I always have a lot of projects going on at the same time. I write articles to the magazines and I’m a part of the team that makes Epilepsy Finland Magazine. I love chips, cheesy teen movies (and series too!), books, animals and I have a soft spot for the ones in need of a helping hand. A huge part of my royalties go to charity; mainly to help families with epileptic children but also to the epilepsy units in the hospitals.

2. What types of books do you write?

Mostly Paranormal/Paranormal Romance books, but I’ve tried my wings with the Children and Chick lit stories, too. Actually some of them are published in anthologies.

3. Who's your main audience?

Young adults, new adults and teens.

4. When it comes to writing- what are your strong points? What are your weaknesses?

My strong point is definitely the easiness. The story flows without an effort and I can ‘see’ the whole story line in my mind while writing. The weak point is hurrying. There are chapters where I should stretch the moment and yet I’m running to the next chapter without slowing down…I actually know why this happens and I should so get over it…

5. What do you think of this term- Writer's Block? How do you overcome it?

It’s a writer’s nightmare! Luckily I’ve never suffered one and hopefully never will.

6. How many books have you written?

Six J

7. How many are published?


8. Are you self published or traditionally published?

Both. Some of my stories are published traditionally and some independently.

9. What's the hardest part of the writing process for you?

Probably editing. The story usually comes quite easily but after that…oh, man…

10. What type of books do you enjoy reading?

Paranormal Romance books!

11. Who's your favorite Author?

Oh, there are so many! Jennifer L. Armentrout, L.J. Smith, Richelle Mead…

12. What's your all time favorite book?

Yaiks! This is a tough one…hmm…I need to cheat a bit here, Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts. I absolutely love that series!

13. How long does it take you to write a book?

From two months to a year. I’m a fast writer so the first version is usually ready quite fast but I’m a slow editor and extremely picky so it takes a lot of editing before I’m completely satisfied with my work.

14. Out of all of your characters, which is your favorite? Why?

Samantha Green from the book, CLUB NUMBER FIVE. She has a very curious mind that sometimes takes her into some difficult situations. She’s brave and even though she suddenly becomes a vampire, which throws her into a strange new world, she doesn’t let anything stop her from protecting her friends and family. She’s also very sassy and doesn’t let hot and steamy boys, with hard abs, control her. Not that she always has a choice…However, I have to say now that I’m writing a sequel for CLUB NUMBER FIVE there is another character that I’ve grown to love, too…

15. What is one of the most surprising things you've learned as a writer?

Being a part of Facebook groups is the best learning space for a writer. You can learn so much from the others and if you have a questions about your own work there will always be someone willing to help you. I’ve always known that connecting with the others is good but I never thought I’d find so great groups from Facebook, not to mention a bunch of fabulous new writer friends!

16. What does your family think of your writing?

Well, they wish I’ll sell millions of copies so they pretty much let me write whenever I feel like it but sure, there are days when they hate that I’m always working.

17. What does your writing schedule look like?

I usually write couple of hours in the morning, then take my dogs out and do some ever so boring housework. Plot a lot in my head and sketch chapters during the day and in the evening when the kids are sleeping I’ll write some more. I try to write everyday. So if I’m not writing a story I’m writing articles to the magazines or doing blog posts.

18. Do you manage to write every day?


19. What's the latest news you'd like to share?

I’ve just published a new book, BLACK DIAMOND, for age 12 and up readers! So if you like a magical suspense stories you might like this one, too. I’ve also published an anthology, TALES OF AN OLD WIZARD, for age 9 and up readers with Authors For Charity. All of our profits go to charity. Oh, and I’m participating London Book Fair with my vampire story, CLUB NUMBER FIVE! So it’s been a quite busy spring so far.

20. Do you have any advice for new writers?

Be patient! And never, ever give up your dreams. Prepare to work hard as without some tears and struggling there can’t be a success…


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