Saturday, December 31, 2011

Silenced- Characters

One thing that I like to do is find a picture of what I envisioned my characters to look like. As I was searching today, I found two perfect pictures.

Here is what I imagined Amber, the main character of Silenced looks like:

Here is what I imagined her best friend, Casey looking like:

Both girls are in the 12th grade and going through some ordeals that define them. They are both confused and just trying to find out who they are. Hope this help all the readers who will one day obtain a copy of Silenced when it's released.

By looking at the pictures, what do you think their personalities are?

2012 New Year.....

I know that I haven't been as active as I'd like to be on this blog. Well, in the coming New Year.... I have several things planned for my Writing Blog. First, I'll be connecting my main blog (that deals with life) with this one. Anytime I do a review on a book, I'll post it here so they are easy to find.

I also plan on posting short previews of my work for all to comment on and add tips on how I could make it better.... sound like fun?

What are your new goals for the upcoming year?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Gap Creek- By Robert Morgan (Review)

Author: Robert Morgan
ISBN: 9781565127425
Sold by: Barnes & Noble


There is a most unusual woman living in Gap Creek. Julie Harmon works hard, "hard as a man," they say, so hard that at times she's not sure she can stop. People depend on her to slaughter the hogs and nurse the dying. People are weak, and there is so much to do. She is just a teenager when her little brother dies in her arms. That same year she marries and moves down into the valley where floods and fire and visions visit themselves on her, and con men and drunks and lawyers come calling.
Julie and her husband discover that the modern world is complex and that it grinds ever on without pause or concern for their hard work. To survive, they must find out whether love can keep chaos and madness at bay.
Robert Morgan's latest novel, Gap Creek, returns his readers to the vivid world of the Appalachian high country. Julie and Hank's new life in the valley of Gap Creek in the last years of the nineteenth century is more complicated than the couple ever imagined. Sometimes it's hard to tell what to fear most-the fires and floods or the flesh-and-blood grifters, drunks, and busybodies who insinuate themselves into their new lives. Their struggles with nature, with work, with the changing century, and with their disappointments and triumphs make this a riveting follow-up to Morgan's acclaimed novel, The Truest Pleasure.


Gap Creek was an inspiring read for me. This story can show you how hard times could be and makes you take a look at your own life. It gives you a great view of what live could have been like back then. By the end of the book, I was pulled in and couldn't put the book down. I just had to find out what happened to Julie and Hank. 

I was disappointed because of the fact that nothing good came out of this story for the young couple. It seemed like the more they tried, the harder they kept falling. The story ended too soon for my liking. I would have liked it to end on a better note. Perhaps Julie seeing her Mom and sisters for the first time since she left home. 
Other than that, it's a great read. (****) I give this book four (4) stars.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Best Left Buried (Book Review)

Book Title: Best Left Buried

Author: Cindy Hutchins

ISBN: 9781618423634

Arliss Pardot was found as a child in a house with a corpse and hundreds of caged birds. She was adopted and forgot everything. Now, the death of her birth mother in mental institution in North Carolina brings her back to a town full of dark, forgotten secrets - secrets which are Best left Buried.


Best Left Buried is a great horror story that takes you on a journey that is both confusing and captivating. The story pulls you right in. Arliss Pardot lives a life that's unspeakable as a child. Once she's adopted, she decides to forget the past and plan for the future with Nick, her love. This all changes when she gets a call saying her birth mother has passed and shes needed to return to North Carolina for the funeral. Upon her arrival, Arliss realizes something isn't right. Before she realizes it, she finds she's the key to the local mystery and legend.

Best left Buried is a book one could read and not want to put down. The journey keeps pulling you in more and more. It leaves you wanting to know more. Christmas is right around the corner and Best Left Buried would make the perfect gift for a loved one who loves horror stories.

Best Left Buried is available on Amazon and at other retailers.
(Originally posted on my main blog: Rae Beth's Corner)


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