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Mother's Day Special: Author Interview w/ RaeBeth McGee-Buda

Author Interview with
RaeBeth McGee-Buda

I'd like to take a moment to introduce today's special guest, RaeBeth. She's a Christian author who has five published works on Amazon and various sites. She's currently working on several more VERY interesting books. RaeBeth writes from several genres and loves what she does. 



Rae-Beth McGee-Buda resides in the rolling hills of Fairview, West Virginia with her husband, daughter, and son.

She’s been writing in some form her entire life, but her loving young sister, Audra McGee noticed her talent and gave her the reassurance she needed to start her writing career. After many months of deliberation, Rae-Beth decided to trust her sisters' word and expand her short story into what we all know and love as The Silenced Series.

Rae-Beth is a mother to an angel in Heaven...Miss Dakota, whom she honored in Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello. Her goal for her books is to inspire and give hope. She is a Christian author, who firmly believes in God and incorporates her faith into some of her work.



What advice would you give someone who is wanting to step foot into the writing world?
- Personally, I recommend seeking out a reliable editor, book formatting, and cover designer. These are very important parts that we don't want to skip out on. A well put together book will go far.

What is the hardest part about being an author?
- I believe the hardest part about being an author is becoming an established author. However, we must remember the WHY to the reasons for the writing. If we focus more on how many "followers" we have on a given media site or how many "reviews" our books have, then we will be aiming to please the want for more instead of focusing on what matters, which is writing.

What has been the happiest moment so far for you in your journey through being an author?
- The happiest moment so far in my journey was when I was selected for three awards for my daughter's book, Saying Goodbye without Saying Hello. This book was written to raise awareness of pregnancy and infant loss. As well as, telling the world that my daughter did exist. This book was directly from my heart and I poured my soul into the pages.  After learning that her book had touched so many lives, I couldn't have been happier.

What is a question you’ve always wanted to be asked during an interview but never have been?
Honestly, I don't know. I welcome each question as honestly as I can providing it's within reason.

What can we expect from you in the next year?
At this time I am focusing on two different books. One is a paranormal romance called Forbidden Destiny which is wayyy out of the normal for me.  However, I'm having a blast writing it. The second one is a contemporary Christian read called Losing Hope. Readers can find out more about these books by looking me up on Facebook and following the page. I'll be revealing more information as time passes and each book is finished.

If you were to take a vacation anywhere in the world (Family can come too) where would you go?
My family and I would love to take a trip to the beach. This has been something that each one of us has talked about, however, circumstances have prevented us from achieving this goal. I'd rather do something I can repeatedly return to instead of a one time opportunity. This way we can make memories for years to come.

What are 3 things we can always find in your grocery basket?
Coffee, Cereal, and Pepsi <3 p="">

 Are any of the characters in your book based on real people you know?
Most certainly. Each book I've written that has characters in it have been based upon those around me. For an example, Amber from Silenced is based upon a friend of mine who I met through an online game called Fiesta. She traveled across the country to attend my wedding and when I saw her, I knew right away she was the face of Amber.

 What is your morning routine like?
I wake up around 6:45 in the morning to get my daughter off to school. Around 8ish, my daughter heads off to school and I get my son ready for his day. (Breakfast, fresh diapers, dressed, etc.) Once he's done, I grab a cup of coffee,  check my social media, read emails, and plan my day.  By 11ish, my son's speech therapist shows (depending on which day of the week it is). If she's not scheduled to come, I clean up the house and prepare for an afternoon of writing.

How long does it take you to write a book?
It honestly depends on what book it is. For example, it took me a few months to write Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello. However, I have been working on Forbidden Destiny since 2012.

 Are you a morning, afternoon, night writer?
I'm an all day writer. Every chance I get, I sit down and type out some words on the screen, especially during nap time. It's a bit challenging to write when taking care of two of my children full time. Therefore, any opportunity I have to write... I'm on it!

 Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
The idea's come from all sorts of places. Small tidbits in other books or movies will spark an idea. I've had some dreams turn into books. Some come up in general conversation.

When did you write your first book (doesn’t have to be published) and how old were you?
The very first book I wrote was titled, The Miracle. It was about this young lady who was part of an "escort service" and ended up being held captive while being raped. When she was free, she found out she was pregnant. From that point on she had the internal battle on whether or not she should have an abortion.  I'm in the process of rewriting it. When I wrote this, I was 17 and it is unpublished at this time. Most tend to believe that Silenced was my first book. While this is true when it comes to publication, The Miracle was my first actual novel ever.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I really enjoy being with my children. They are such a joy and I love spending time with them. Wait.. whom I kidding.. haha... I love my kids but I LOVE taking time for me. That's by doing crafts for my books, coloring in adult coloring books, photography, or basically anything that brings my soul joy.

What does your family think about your writing?
My husband is SUPER supportive. He is the person who sits and runs ideas with me. I know I can count on him for a beta read. He's always ready to help me with the costs of publication or promo.  Next, is my daughter. She's always been rather supportive of my work, especially with Forbidden Destiny. She constantly asks me when it'll be finished because she can't wait to read it in its completed form.  Therefore, my immediate support lives with me and I love it.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
I CAN hit deadlines. I tested myself with my book, The Gracious Wife. This was the first book out of five that I set a release date. I worked my butt off to hit the deadline.  I plan to do this more in the future because it was so empowering to me as an author.

As a child what did you want to be growing up?
A teacher. I used to line my stuffed animals and baby dolls up like they were sitting at desks in the classroom. Then, I would teach them from the papers I did in school. This helped me with my studies and I prepared for tests this way.

What is your favorite thing about where you live now?
Oh my gosh, what don't I love?  My house isn't in the isolated woods, but we are surrounded by many trees in the bottom of a holler. I know most of my neighbors and we talk. I absolutely love the fact that my closest neighbors are very friendly and caring, which carries on throughout the area. In all honestly, this town is a community out of a book. It's awesome!

What was something you loved doing during the summer growing up?
I grew up in the town of Bobtown, PA. This is a small coal town that is in a country setting. I absolutely loved when all the kids in town gathered around to play "manhunt". For those who don't know what this's hide and seek at dark with flashlights. The memories I made during these nights will last me a lifetime.

What is something you love doing during the winter now?
I love cuddling up on the couch with a fresh cup of coffee while reading a book.  When we get a decent amount of snow, I love taking my camera in the woods to take nature pictures.

Is there a message in your novels that you want readers to grasp?
Silenced & The Overtaking: Yes, just because one suffers from depression and chooses to self-harm, they are not alone. Of course, we have services here but God will always be there to help them through. All they have to do is ask.

Saying Goodbye: Stillbirth happens and those who it happens to... you're not alone.
Stumbling toward Gratitude: Life is so much more enjoyable when we focus on the good instead of the bad.

The Gracious Wife: Being a woman of God, we should strive to put Him first and our husband second, while doing our godly requirements as a wife.

Are experiences and events in your book based on your own life?
Of course! Especially with the non-fiction works.  The story of Amber in Silenced reveals several entries to my journal I had as a teen.

Give us three "Good to Know" facts about you. Be creative. Tell us about your first job, the inspiration for your writing, any fun details that would enliven your page.
1. I have major anxiety and panic attacks are a daily occurrence.
2. For my first job, I was the dishwasher at the truck stop in Mt. Morris, PA.
3. I have only ever been in two serious relationships in my life. I married the second.

How do you deal with Writer's block?
When I come across writer's block, I work on another work in progress. This is why you'll find about nine unfinished books on my thumb drive. Each one has been added to lately and I have a hard time within figuring out which one to work on.

What is your favorite marketing tool when spreading the word about your work?
I mainly use social media, but I LOVE when people spread the word by mouth. Nothing is greater than hearing that someone read my book because their friend told them to.

If you weren’t an author what do you think you would be doing?
I would be a massage therapist and nail tech. This is what I was enrolled in school for back in 2006 when I became pregnant with my first child.

Can we have an excerpt from one of your favorite books you’ve written?
Sure, this is from #loveyoumore. You can check out more of my work on my Facebook page. :) I hope you enjoy.



My heart sunk. I didn't want to think of him leaving. It was great having someone around who was spontaneous, fun, and carefree. My shoulders slumped and a knot formed in my throat as a response to the disheartening notion that I may never see him again after tomorrow. I felt as if we mad a strong connection over the past few days and forged a bond where I never wanted to let him go. This entire weekend felt as if it were a fairytale and I was the princess. It felt so real, even more, real than the blood pumping through my veins. Thinking of his going away left my lungs struggling for breath against my ribs. Before I met him, my heart was toughened to my past and protected from my future. Tyler was different. He had managed to make it feel extraordinary and vibrant, now I felt merely broken with sorrow of the impending departure.
"What's on your mind?" Tyler asked.
"Can I ask you something?" I asked, shuffling around the papers on the table.
"Will you come back?"
"Come back? Here?" He asked clearly confused.
"Yeah, are you going to come back to see me again?"
"How could I not? You're an amazing woman that I must get to know more. You're intriguing."
I left out the breath of reprieve. "How do I know if you're telling me the truth? I'm so used to those who were once close eventually fading away."
His eyes scanned the room and he looked as if he were in deep thought. Unzipping his hoodie, he reached for something under his shirt and lifted over his head. Hiding it in the palm of his enclosed hand, he reached for my hand. I willing obliged; palm up. He slowly opened his hand as a bundle of silver fell into my hand. Pulling it close, I took a closer look.
"What are these for?" I asked looking up from the set of tags in my hand.
"They're my dog tags. I'm supposed to wear these all the time, but I'll leave them here with you so you know I have to come back," he explained.
I didn't know anything about the rules and regulations the Marine Corp required of their soldiers, therefore seeing him present part of his require gear to me was unexplainable. My heart warmed as hope filled it. This man was serious and he was going to return. If not for me then for his tags.
"Won't you get into trouble?"
"Nah, I can get away with not having them for two weeks," he shrugged.
"Two weeks...that's when I'll see you again."
"You can count on it."



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