Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Return

Heyyyy everyone.  So glad you stopped by. Its great to see you. I wanted to give everyone a brief update with what's going on here.

First I will be doing most of my blog posts from my phone. We have an internet hiccup at the moment which will hopefully be restored soon.

Next we have a special event coming up.... Getting To Know The Character .... any idea what this is? No. Let me explain.  My character Sophie will be visiting us for an interview. Feel free to stop by for more updates on this later.

Next I'm still working on my review list. So those who are waiting for a review ... I didn't forget about you.  I promise.  I will be slowly  catching up on my list between school, writing, and mommy stuff. 

Feel free to join me on our Facebook page for daily updates and games.

Take care. I'm off to write.  Thanks for reading.

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