Friday, September 7, 2012

#Character Interview #Sophie

Good morning. I have a special guest with me. I would like to welcome the main character from my book... Sophie.  Please introduce yourself by telling the readers about you.

Thank you. I'm Sophie Hathorn and I'm 25 years old. I'm a witch. I have very powerful magical abilities and everyone seems to depend on me.

Tell us about your side of the world.

Most mortals don't know we exist.  There are three main races ... Witches..Wizards ..and Demons. Wizards are primarily used in battles while witches clean up after everyone.  Each magical person have their own special mix of powers. The witches and wizards answer to our Goddess for all things. 

What's your Goddesses name?

Her name is Pax. She sees to it that all creatures in magic follow certain rules. She sees everything.

What are your best attributes?

I'm loyal, passionate, and sarcastic.  I tend to over react sometimes too. But who doesn't.

Outside of battle ..what's your hobbies?

I like collecting antiques and reading. Above all I love hanging out with my good friend Mason.

Reading is great. I'm glad you took the time to join us today.  Is it okay if my readers ask you some questions?

Sure. I can check back while I'm on the road. Witches have internet too.

Perfect. Once again thank you. I'd like to thank the readers for stopping by. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments. Please share this interview by using the social buttons at the bottom.

Have a wonderful day.

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