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Character Interview: Stella from the book Sophie

Welcome back to Getting to Know The Character. This is RaeBeth and today I have a very special guest with us. Give a warm welcome to Stella Dugan. Thank you Stella for joining us. It's great to have you here.

Stella: Thank you, dear. I'm honored to be here with you and your readers. 

RaeBeth: I'd like for you to share some information about yourself so our readers know who you are.

Stella: I'm Stella Dugan, grandmother of Sophie Hathorn and mother of Emma Hathorn. I live in Fairchance where I grew up with my mother- Elizabeth Poole and my father- Henry Dugan. I'm one of the most powerful witches besides Sophie. I'm sixty seven years old but don't let my age fool you. I'm not old. I'm just well educated with life.

RaeBeth: Thank you for such a wonderful introduction. I noticed you and your parents don't all have the same last names. Is there a reason for this?

Stella: As a matter of fact there is. Witches, true witches carry their birth names all of their lives. This is one way other magical beings can identify which set of witches you come from. 

RaeBeth: Are all magical being born with abilities?

Stella: Unfortunately, no. The Hathorn/Dugan family has the strongest bloodline and thus gives us more of a chance to giving birth to one of our own. It's up to our Goddess on who gets what. Take for example- Sophie. She wasn't a magical being until her twenty fifth birthday. That's twenty five years of mortality. 

RaeBeth: How did your bloodline become so powerful? 

Stella: Our Goddess, of course. When my mother Elizabeth was young, she used to practice using herbs and trying to create potions. One would call it "dabbing in white magic." Our Goddess saw her abilities and knew she had the power within her. It only needed brought to the service. Pax made this possible. Therefore, when witches give birth, they pass down the DNA but it's up to Pax to activate it. I guess you could say for the lack of a better phrase.

RaeBeth: How well do you get along with the wizards? Please enlighten us on the names of who you are talking about as well.

Stella: I'm very familiar with wizards. We go way back. I've had my run ins with the Wizard Council before. They're the most powerful wizards alive and their job is to ensure that all is right in the world. If our Goddess comes to them with a foreseen problem, they are the ones who eliminate it. The highest and leader of the council now is known as Thor. He's very wise and follows the magical law regardless. It doesn't matter if you're family or not. If you broke a law, he will punish you.

RaeBeth: A bit harsh but understandable. Everyone needs a wise, educated, and feared leader. I think if there's no fear... there's no respect. Especially in a world such as yours. Are you at liberty to share some of the magical abilities witches, wizards, and demons have?

Stella: Of course, dear. I don't mind at all.  Let me explain a bit of the background. Our Sophie is a bit unique so this doesn't apply to her. Most of the time witches have one to several of the abilities. We can cast spells, use telekinesis, levitation, healing, mind control, and an energy ball- among a few others.

RaeBeth: Wow, intimidating. Has anyone ever used their powers against mortals?

Stella: Witches and Wizards would never do a such a thing. Demons on the other hand don't care. They will use their abilities no matter what if it helps them get what they're after. 

RaeBeth: What are some of the abilities demons have? Which ones have been used against mortals?

Stella: Times have changed so I could be a bit off. But the abilities I know of are: Fireballs, shape shifting, mind control, hovering, and portal creation. I know they have used shape shifting and mind control on mortals before.

RaeBeth: Let's back up a minute. I thought it's been said magical beings don't share the same powers?

Stella: That's true if you're talking about the past. As I have said, times have changed. It seems as if the powers can be used by anyone if their looking in the right place. 

RaeBeth: Who is the most recent demon you came up against?

Stella: He goes by the name of Eros. He is powerful and can take over you in an instant with the mind control and power augmentation abilities he holds.

RaeBeth: He sounds pretty scary. Are you at liberty to discuss more about him? Like why you had to fight him?

Stella: That's confidential dear. I'm sorry. Our Goddess only gave us permission to share certain things and some are not to be spoken of. 

RaeBeth: Totally understandable. Moving on. Please describe the abilities wizards can hold.

Stella: They can use illusion, power sensing, conjuration, deflection, and an energy ball. What they're really known for is their ability with the staff. You see a wizard with a staff... it means he's very powerful. It takes years of practice to perfect the usage of a staff. 

RaeBeth: Thank you so much for your time, Stella. We are out of time for the day. Do you mind if our readers as you questions in the comment section of this post?

Stella: Not at all. Sophie told me you'd ask that. She told me to say... remember witches are with it these days. Internet is not a scarce thing. 

RaeBeth: Ahh yes. I remember her saying that. Thank you.

I hope you enjoyed the interview with Stella. She was visiting from my book, Sophie. It is still a work in progress at this time. I thought it would be fun to get everyone geared up for the book. I'm having so much fun writing the book and wanted others to join in on the fun. Feel free to share this post using your social sites. I would very much appreciate it. Also, if you would like updates everyday from myself and my characters.... please join me on Facebook under The Writing World. Have a wonderful day.

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