Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's Spread the Word

Wow, so much is going on right now for me with my upcoming release of Silenced. The expected release date will be revealed within time. At this moment, I'll calling out to several different people with different purposes.

BLOGGERS: Want to help in my book tour? Sign up on the right side of the blog is posted. Type in your email and confirm it to be added. More information will be sent about the tour at a later date.

I'm also asking for those of you who own a blog, feel free to pass on my post revealing the Cover and description of the book. You can find that here. The more... the better. If you add it to your site, please let me know so I can do some shout outs to you in return.

BETA READERS: Yep you're next on my list. I'd love it if some of those I've helped in the past would kindly come forward as a beta reader. I'll be needing those next month. If you're interested, please contact me and I'll keep you in the loop.

GOOD READS MEMBERS:  I began my Fan Group and would love you to join. Click this link to go directly to the group and join.

FACEBOOK: I have my page for my work and would love to see more fans there. You can follow this link to join in. I'll have games, giveaways, and updates in the near future. See you there.

My hopes is to spread the word about my upcoming novella, Silenced. I want to thank those authors who have come forward and offered to help me... as a return for me helping you. I greatly appreciate it. It's great to see my efforts that I put out for others meant a lot to where they decided to come back to help me. You're awesome!!

For those of you who enjoy reading blogs and books, I'd like to discuss what you could do to help your favorite authors. We work very hard, especially self published. When we self publish, everything is on the author. Promotion is the exception to this rule. You as a reader could help with this. So don't think there's nothing for you to do. After you read a book... go to sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.. and leave a review. Even if you didn't like the work, just be respectful. Remember those books you're reading... it's the authors baby. Be gentle. 

Thanks for taking your time to read. Looking forward to meeting many new people within the next stage of my writing. Have a great day.

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