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(Review) Within the Shadows and Escaping Shadows by J.A. Lynch

Double Review featuring
Within the Shadows & Escaping the Shadows 
J.A. Lynch

Book Number One: Within the Shadows

Title: Within the Shadows
Author: J.A. Lynch
Pages: 205
Format:  Kindle


 Living on the razors edge, Giselle Burgman's life is torn apart by her cheating boyfriend. Little does she realize that he is the least of her worries when her long term friend Alex introduces her to his family and a new, darker world. A world of lies, deceit and corruption. Thrown from one problem straight into another, the razors edge gets thinner and sharper, testing Giselle's sanity and vitality. Not even she can hide when living within the shadows.

My Review ( ***) 3 stars
Giselle, a young teen, is ripped from the life she knows and thrown into a world of crazy and manipulative vampires. What's even more crazy? She wasn't given a choice in the matter. Her journey into this new world leaves me with mixed emotions. Giselle is very smart mouthed but easy to persuade. She's very submissive. She seemed very immature for an eighteen year old but the events that happen to her make it some what understandable.

The book gives a new look on vampires. I wish the story went more into depth about the new vampires and their uniqueness. I didn't like how Alex, the guy who was supposed to be Giselle's best friend, so suddenly turned on her. He forced her into being a half vampire, half human with manipulation. Then he dragged her off into this new world where it seemed like everyone hated her. The vampires then forced her to marry Alex for their own secret plan of getting her pregnant. At times I was confused with Giselle because she came off that she cared for her unborn child, yet at others it seemed like she didn't. Sleep and food wasn't something she wanted very often. When tempted with a bed or food, she acted childish and refused.

I found it hard to believe that even an eighteen year old under so much stress would so easy give themselves away to three different guys in a very short amount of time. She looses her virginity with the first and it seems like a few pages later she's having sex with her human boyfriend and then almost directly after she has sex with Alex's father. I must say that really weirded me out. I don't care how much stress I'm under... I don't think I could give in to having sex that quickly.

The story seems very fast paced and I'm not sure how I liked that. It seemed like once I finally wrapped my head around what was going on... boom.. something else happens. I don't feel I could connect with any of the characters because they all seemed to have their own plan. Each one, except two characters, treated Giselle like a person. 

I did enjoy the over all plot with the idea of new vampires needing a human to birth their offspring for some unexplained reason... or should I say to me it wasn't clear. I am under the impression they want Giselle's baby to be the leader of the dark (shadows) or something. 

I do plan on reading the next book within this series to see if some of my confusion is cleared up. 

Book Two: Escaping the Shadows

Title: Escaping Shadows
Author: J.A. Lynch
Pages: 207
Format:  Kindle


Giselle has barely had time to accept her new life, never mind the prospect of motherhood, but she finds herself, yet again thrown into chaos, only this time there is more than just her life at stake.
With vampires and shadow creatures vying for her life, can Giselle escape the darkness consuming her, or will she finally descend into the world of shadows?

My Review
**** (4 Stars)

The second book within the Shadow World is (in my opinion) much better then the first. The author starts this book right where she left off in the second. The plot was interesting and at times hard to guess what was going to happen. This book is very well written and pulls the reader in.

I did find some places where I knew what was about to happen but this is in just about every book you read. The characters are more likable within this book. Giselle seems a bit more grown up and ready to accept that her world has changed. She embraces this new world with her son and is ready to fight when the time comes. I found myself able to feel for Giselle more during her pregnancy in this book then what I did in the first.

The author did throw in a twist that I did not see coming. Marc and his world changes. I thought it would go a different way then it did but I actually think I like the way the author took it over what I had guessed.

I'm definitely curious to see what happens and will be adding on the next book to my list. I recommend this book to those who like vampires with a little twist.


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