Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday's Tweets

Hey guys...

I am starting something new. Every Friday we will have Tweet Friday. I'll post a small list of tweets that I would like others to retweet for me. My twitter ID is @raebethmcgee if you would like to add it to the tweets, which will require rewording of the tweets. Please take a moment and tweet them for me. If you have anything you would like retweeted, leave it in the comments below.

Tweets for today:

Raebeth's Corner: Remembering Our Angels Event PLEASE JOIN #stilborn #lossofachild #wewillremember

Parents of angels, share your story.
#stillbirth #grief #angels #death

RT:You can follow @raebethmcgee as she goes through the healing of the loss of her baby girl on her newest blog here:

(Blurb Reveal) Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello

There's one days left until the Silenced Series Blog Tour starts. Runs during the month of September. Follow

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