Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Snip-It featuring Forbidden Destiny

Each Sunday the daily post could be different, so for today we have a small snip it from Forbidden Destiny by RaeBeth McGee-Buda. Please remember this is an unedited preview. Enjoy.~

Chapter 7- Preview

It was wet, cold, and dark. From the dust, dirt, and cracked cement floor, one could see it was a basement. A small square window allowed a small amount of light in. Thick plastic covered it so no one outside looking in could see a thing.  A pole stood in the middle of the room and the walls were finished with concrete that has broken over time. There was one light bulb above the mattress, although there wasn't a string to turn it on. The wooden beams on the ceiling were visible along with the insulation.
A girl lay on the mattress positioned between the wall and pole. Her hands were cuffed to the pole, keeping her from running away. She pushed the silver handcuffs up to try to slide them off but they only cut into her delicate wrists. Blood ran down her forearms causing her pain. When she tried again, she heard two clicks as the handcuffs became tighter. She lowered her head in defeat causing her dark hair to fall over her face.
 As the sun got higher into the sky, the basement became brighter, allowing a better view of the basement. Boxes were stacked in a corner, footsteps could be heard overhead, an electrical box was attached to the damp walls beside the stairway, garbage littered the cracked cement floor, and a freezer sat under the steps.
Blood trailed down the girls' right cheek from a cut on her temple. Her eyes were blackened and clothes were torn. She had a trickle of blood on her leg and it pooled up underneath her on the mattress. She screamed, although it didn't see to be working because no one was coming to her rescue.
A tall man with dark hair walked down the stairs to the right of the mattress. He had dark eyes, tattoos, and an evil grin. He pulled the woman over to him, positioned himself on top of her, and began invading her private regions under her dress. She screamed out as the he touched her. The man hit her and smiled his evil grin once again. He worked himself into her and began his business, becoming even more excited with each squirm and scream. After a while, it seemed he got tired of listening to her beg him to let her go, so he hit her with a solid fist, knocking her out.

This snip-it is copyrighted by the author. Use of it is against the law. Any persons who are found to use it can and may be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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