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The Circle of Sorcerers: Mages of Bloodmyr: Book #1

Title: The Circle of Sorcerers: Mages of Bloodmyr: Book #1
Author:  Brian Kittrell

ISBN: 9780982949528
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Description: When Laedron Telpist's sorcery training is interrupted by a knock on the door, what once seemed a proper profession must now be hidden. In a world where priests and mages vie for the limitless power of the elements and a new Grand Vicar has sworn death to all sorcerers, Laedron is tossed into a nightmare which would see his destruction at every turn.

From the home shores in western Sorbia, through the Cael'Brilland heartlands, and even across the seas to the great city of Azura, Laedron finds himself embracing old friends, consorting with unlikely allies, and confronting potent enemies. As he struggles to train himself in spell craft, Laedron must face that he lives in a time when the utterance of a simple spell could be the signature on his death warrant.

The Circle of Sorcerers takes you on an unexpected journey with it's main character- Laedron Telpist. Laedron is a Sorcerer in the making. During his training, an unexpected event forces him to learn faster then he expects. He finds some great friends and they all go into a journey to fighting. In this world, Priests and Mages go into battle for power. Laedron and his friends are put right in the middle of this battle shortly after leaving home.

I enjoyed reading about Laedron and his journey. The story is packed with adventure and leaves the reader wanting more. The Character's are written in such a way where they stay with the reader even after the end of the book. The end of the book ended rapidly which took me by surprise. I'm definitely looking forward to the second book.

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