Wednesday, May 30, 2012

(Review) Energy- The Awakening by MJ Schutte

Title: Energy- The Awakening
Author: MJ Schutte
Pages: 334
Version: ebook


As teenagers, Brighton and Lilian live quiet, peaceful and uncomplicated lives in a remote mountain village called Four Mountains. They soon discover that their friendship has developed into something deeper, but before they can explore their feelings for each other, a dark secret about Lilian’s past rips their world apart. Brighton finds himself fighting for the girl he loves as well as his own life while simultaneously discovering an even bigger secret about himself.

The two young lovers simply want to live in peace but they are constantly hunted because of their special talents.

Brighton has to overcome great odds and even death itself if he is going to save himself and Lilian from the evil determined to destroy them.

Review: (Spoiler Alert)

Energy- The Awakening by MJ Schutte is an original story with the power to pull in the reader. Brighton and Lily, the main characters, have known each other their entire lives and fell in love. Both don't realize they love each other until they are separated and told that the other has died. Once reunited, they are faced with a line of events they have to deal with in order to survive and make the world they live in a better place.

While going through the events, Brighton realizes he has powers that make him the most powerful within his world. His powers to feel the presence of others and to manipulate the energies around him, which save him and Lily several times.

MJ Schutte creates a unique world that is full of chaos and Brighton has to fight for the lives of those around him. The plot flows well although at times it seems as if they are all really young and need the supervision of adults. I found myself laughing out loud and even crying in parts. I very much enjoyed reading this well written book. I give this book 4 **** stars.

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