Tuesday, April 23, 2013

(Review) Little Orphan Anvil by Joseph Beekman

Title: Little Orphan Anvil
Author: Joseph Beekman
Pages: 145 pages
Format: Kindle


A tale of an orphaned robot and its journey to help save a realm from the rule of an evil witch. When the Land of Iron and Anvil is brought to ruin by a wicked storm, the robot becomes lost to the wilds of the lands. But after being discovered by a little boy and his dog, the robot is reunited with its creator, and they set off to the Land of Shadows to free a group of orphans from the dark magic of the witch...and save an entire realm from her rule!

My Review
(5 stars)

Little Orphan Anvil was a short and well worth it read. It's a blend of suspense and magic. The main plot of this Sci-Fi story flows well and the characters are well thought out. There was a few places within the story that seemed drawn out and it had a hard time keeping my attention. I chose to read on and I'm happy that I did. Towards the end of the book is when I was really pulled in and had to continue until the end. I had to find out what happened. I was completely surprised by some of the twists and turns within the story.

This book is appropriate for all ages. I may even pass it on to my six year old daughter and read it to her. The book is perfect for young readers. It had me laughing and sitting at the edge of my seat at times in suspense. I recommend this to all readers both young and adult. I think it's very enjoyable and will be reading the rest of the Trilogy.
About the Author

An author and graduate in fine arts from the University of Arizona, Joseph writes books and screenplays, and is an avid supporter of animal rescue and protection. He is an avid fan of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and mythology, as well as a big fan of history, music, and the arts. Books authored by Joseph Beekman are "A Tail Spun" and the complete Trilogy of "Little Orphan Anvil"; these include: "Little Orphan Anvil, a tale of magic and metal"; "Little Orphan Anvil, The Shades of Fate"; and "Little Orphan Anvil, The Gravelands of Fate". - All these books are published in the fantasy/science fiction/paranormal genres.  Also available is a short collection of poems titled "Shades in Shadows". Joseph currently lives in the "Wild West" of Arizona.

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