Monday, April 15, 2013

(Review) Love's Second Chance by L.P. Dover

Title: Love's Second Chance
Author: L.P. Dover
Pages: 248
Format: Kindle


Korinne Anders had it all. She had the perfect job, the perfect house, and the perfect husband. When tragedy strikes, her world takes a devastating turn. Six months after losing her husband to a car accident, Korinne vows it to herself never to love again. If she doesn’t allow another man in her heart, then there’s no reason for her to feel the pain of loss. This plan seems to work, but is put to the test when Korinne’s best friend can’t stand to see her suffering any longer.

Korinne’s long-time friend, Jenna Perry, has an idea and it involves helping her friend find the spark of life in her soul no matter what it takes. Korinne didn’t know that Jenna’s plan meant bringing back a past love, a second chance with the man that Korinne had to leave in college, but always kept a place for in her heart. When Galen Matthews learns of Korinne’s loss and that she’s finally moved back home, he wants nothing more than to be there for her. The love he felt for Korinne years ago has never left him, and now he’s given a second chance to not only mend her heart of her loss, but to also continue the love they shared in the past. Will his love and determination make her strong enough to give fate a second chance, or will her fear of losing another love make her run away? What will Korinne do when she’s faced with a love so powerful that no matter what she does there’s nowhere to run from it?


5 Stars

This is the first book I have read by this author and I must say I am hooked. I love her writing style and the fact that she pulled me into the story so quickly. The start of this book is emotional to say the least. I had to actually put down my Kindle and hug my own husband because I couldn't imagine going through what the main character, Korinne did. I'm not going to give an overview of what happens in this review. I am going to say that it's a must read and one you don't want to pass up.

The plot runs smoothly and the characters are amazingly written. I fell in love with Korinne and was hoping her life turned for the better. That seemed to happen when Galen was introduced. He's a guy that every woman wishes she had. The romantic side of this character... WOW, can I have one of him for myself? I liked the fact that Korinne had her best friend but the pet names they had for each other was a bit weird for me.

Parts of the book are predictable but I am happy they work out the way it does. I would have been disappointed if they didn't. Overall I can say I have another favorite author to add to my list and will most definitely be reading more of her work. If you decide to read this, grab a cup of coffee and a box of tissues. You'll need them. 

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