Thursday, July 11, 2013

(Review) Escaping Eternity by Lainy Lane

Title: Escaping Eternity (The Guardian Angels Series)
Author: Lainy Lane
Format: Kindle
Pages: 229


Grace is now an angel in Heaven. Her suffering from a life with a chronic illness is over, and she is finally able to live pain free. Now a Guardian Angel, her spirit is grown and in full form. Now existing in a paradise with streets paved of gold and flowers which beauty she could have never imagined, she has finally found peace. However, as she watches her family grieve their loss of her, she is faced with a question no other Guardian Angel has ever faced. Would you give up an eternity of paradise to help your loved ones? Conflicted, Grace contemplates her dilemma. Is there a way for her to ease the pain of her family? Even if a way presents itself, is she willing to give up the amazing paradise without illness for the benefit of her family? Take a different look at the grieving process with the Guardian Angel Series and discover if Grace will be able to escape eternity… and does she really want to?

My Review
5 Stars
Grace, a toddler that has a fatal illness, has been called home to live with the Lord. Her parents are faced with what no parent should have to face... the loss of a child. I picked up this book because I have recently lost a child. My daughter was born sleeping. I am so thankful that I took the time to read Escaping Eternity.

As I was reading this book, I found a new hope that I have been longing for. This book is very well written. There are two different perspectives within this book; earth and heaven. Throughout the book the reader feels the pain that Grace's mother endures with the loss of her daughter. The reader is brought into an entirely different world with the views of Grace in heaven after her death. 

I loved this book and I am impatiently waiting the next book within the series to be released. This is a must read.

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