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Street Team Shout Out with Melina Turner

Here we are with the third author of the day. Let's welcome....

Melina Turner

Hi I am Mel aka Melina Turner and live in Aussie with the rest of my family, in a little town called Gympie.

I began my writing at an extremely young age starting in primary school in year 3 when I heard about Write4Fun, a school writing competition. My first poem was called "Wild Brumbies" published in 2003 when I was in year 3. I soon after moved from Nambour to Gympie an hour away. Where I was influenced by an amazing English teacher to continue writing. 

In 2005 when I was in year 5 I was finally awarded Honoured Writer for my poetry in which I continued and still do. 

In 2013 I was awarded, Best Poet of 2012 and put into a poet book that is now in the library of Congress.

After I began poetry I soon wanted to branch out thus starting in 2003/5 The Deathly-Roses Vol 1 a flash-fiction prose piece that will be published 2013. I then gaped it out and wrote the 2nd Volume in 2007 to be published 2004. The third to be written this year. My goal with these books was to make it short and poetic-like to gain non-readers interest and I believe I have done that. TDR vol 1 will be made into a movie around 2016 by TMFilms a indie film maker.

As of then 2012 I slowly branched out and started helping co-author for Timothy Mitchell Films. Helping with scripts for movies.

As of now, I will be collaborating with authors and getting myself out there more. Writing all and any genre and different types of pieces.

As of 2013 I am starting to write my first ever novel called "GoodSpeed" that might be my best work, not counting poetry so far.

My dream is to publish and show people what I can do. My future career is to own a 2 story business where I can open my online store Melina's Treasure Dungeon (book store and library as well as have a restaurant/cafe/catering biz in the other story.

I would continue writing and also open Mel.T E my sweet and free little group that helps self-publishing authors with their work and self-publishing.

That is all. Thank you.



TDR vol.1 (a flash fiction series) that came to me while reading manga and figuring out a word puzzle on roses. It is written in a way that a whole new type of writing genre is involved. A poetic story, as the writer sets the scene with a narrative prose poem form giving the piece the quick pace and loads of action. This piece was one of my first pieces as I wrote it in year 3, 2003. The Deathly-Roses Volume 1 is both for teens & adults with its genre being Dark Fiction and a drop of Paranormal.
The rights have been given for TDR1 to be made into movie 2016 by indie film-maker TMF.

TDR1 is the beginning of a young teen girls adventure to find not only her true family, her real family but who/what she really is. But Wisty (Wisteria Deathly-Rose) has yet to choose a side between good and evil and this time they're taking no chances....

What people are saying about TDR1?

- Entering the pages of "author Melina Turner's" first book, I didn't know what to expect.....I was quickly amazed by the complexities of the character's, the subject, the plot and overall storyline...The ease with which "Author Melina Turner" drew you into her book, keeps you focused and wanting more the further you read.....Her novel "Deathly Roses Volume 1" is a definite read, for anyone who loves the supernatural abilities of "I Am Number 4"......I love all the characters and the storyline they have the potential to continue on through a few more books. Making it a hit book series or anthology. Truly talented is "Author Melina Turner" and very well written is her book. I can't wait to read the next instalments to this series. What an excellent start to a terrifically magical series!!
Review: De Ann Townes Jr (author: "Peer Inside My Soul & See")

There is an honest voice in Turner's writing evident in "The Deathly-Roses". Turner writes with wit and manages to keep the reader engaged over the course of the two volumes. The end with bonus volume 3 sneak peak (which could even serve as a prologue for volume 2) reminds me of the ending of "Mad Max", in the sense that the character has slowly sunken to depths of insanity that she now is ready to extract more violent horrors. Some descriptions are a little bad to visualise, but I guess that's part of its poetic beauty. The first person narration voice isn't narrating character's names in third person in the same chapter. Still, its only a small thing which readers will choose to ignore because of its engaging content. Definitely get into this series. Well craft and very well devised.
Review: Timothy David Mitchell
(movie maker of "The Waiting Game")

-"The Deathly-Roses" is an intriguing fragmented narrative that incorporates "memories" and "future" to delve into a story of mystery and dark humor. Melina Turner successfully develops a narrative that keeps the readers gripped and questioning the characters' motives and intentions. There's a lovely level of humor and a very real voice to be heard in this short story. What I found most impressive was Melina's ability to control her fragmented narrative, this is actually a great accomplishment for a young writer. She deliberately challenges the readers and breaks the traditional narrative structure, to create a well-crafted post-modernist piece of writing.

-The Deathly-Roses....the title itself would make me want to read the book. The first time Melina told me about this book's title I loved it! I set to read it and finished it rather quickly. I'd say this that I'm not a fan of this style of writing - prose poetry form, but I really liked the storyline. By the time I was done reading it made me anxious to find out what would happen next.....It's not very often that I'm inspired to sketch, but after reading the book I kept thinking about the title and ended up sketching...Any book that can inspire me to do anything is definitely a must have for me! Can't wait to see the next book and the anime!
(author: The Curiosity Key)

-Melina Turner's "The Deathly-Roses" Volume 1, is a refreshing story well written story, with an excellent array of supernatural thought provoking concepts. The characters both serve as well written portrayals of angels, corrupt business tycoons and tragic misunderstood victims each with their own complex back stories and agendas. At the heart of the characters is the character of Wisty. A tortured young girl, drugged and forced to serve under a corrupted rich family and forced to marry a stranger against her will. Melina Turner does a great job at bringing the character of Wisty to life, as the feeling of sadness on Wisty is ultimately reflected upon the reader as well as the strength and courage Wisty gains upon learning of real purpose in life and her love and affection with the character Iriama, a mysterious stranger who shows sympathy towards Wisty. The story as a whole is edgy and well-driven, with a sense of humour in various areas. All in all a very well written story and I cannot wait for the next instalments in this exceptional series.

Also if TDR1 sells well. 2 months after its released I may talk to publisher about releasing TDR2 in 2013.

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