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(Blog Tour) Silenced Series: Interview with @raebethmcgee

Welcome to the ninth day along the Silenced Series blog tour. Thank you so much for stopping by, again. I'm so happy that you took a moment to join in with the tour. 

Author Information

Bio: RaeBeth McGee-Buda was born in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1987, the second daughter of Rachel Yost and Arthur Curtis McGee. RaeBeth grew up loving to read and write
poetry, as well as short stories. Her childhood dream was to become a teacher. Rae Beth's dream of writing was created in her eleventh grade literature class where writing became her passion.

RaeBeth married in August 2012 to her husband, Gregory Stephen Buda Jr. and resides in a small Pennsylvania town of Fairchance. RaeBeth is a full time mother of one beautiful daughter Emma, and a mother to an angel, Dakota Emily.

She graduated from American Intercontinental University in 2010 with her associates in business administration. She enjoys spending her time writing and feels connecting with readers and sending her messages are her main goals.

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
This question I get most often and each time I try to give a little more away. So, it’s a given that I’m a person who loves writing but I also love reading. I am part of an amazing reviewing group where I help other authors out by reading and reviewing their work. I’m a full time Mommy of one little girl, full time angel mommy, and a blogger. 

  1. What do you do when you are not writing?
At this time I do the “mommy” thing. I take care of the house and my family. They always come first. Then comes my writing. 

  1. Do you have a day job as well?
I would consider my “day job” to be a blogger. I devote a lot of my time to preparing posts for upcoming events for other authors. I love giving back to the amazing authors I know and to those I have yet to meet.

  1. How did you choose the genre you write in?
I haven’t really planned on staying with one genre. I have several ideas I’m working on right now which are part of different genre’s. I mainly write for young adult/new adult. I’m even dabbing with the idea of a romance too.

  1. Do you work with an outline, or just write?
Most of the time I just write. I tried doing the outline but I never stick with them.

  1. Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?
Oh my there’s been several. I’m not one for talking about others, therefore I can’t really go into detail here. But what author hasn’t come up to challenges when publishing a book?

  1. If you had to go back and do it all over, is there any aspect of your novel or getting it published that you would change?
If I could go back  (which I’m still thinking of doing) I’d have another editor look at my book Silenced and see if they could help make it better. I know there are mistakes within the version out there and I plan on fixing those before any box sets come out.

  1. Can you tell us about The Overtaking?
Sure.  It continues Amber's story with depression, cutting, and the drama that unfolded in book one. Lots of fans finally have answers to the questions they’ve been waiting for and there’s even a huge surprise of events within this one too. 

  1. Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?
Silenced is based on both. There are parts which I’ve written in that has actually happened and parts that are totally made up. Most of the book is based on real life though.

  1. How did you come up with the title?
I thought the title Silenced was perfect because when a person cuts, they are “silencing” their pain. Even if it is only temporary.
  1. What project are you working on now?
I’m working on several. My main focus is Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello right now. 

  1. Will Saying Goodbye be coming out soon?
I’d love to have the actual date, but unfortunately at this time, there isn’t one.

  1. What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?
The toughest criticism I got as an author wasn’t actually directed at me but at the editor. Several people pointed out the misspelled words and punctuation within Silenced to me shortly after it was released. When they brought it to my attention, they were less then nice about it. That’s all I will say on that part. I’ve also been said that I don’t connect with the main character, which is hard to see. Amber is partly based off of me.

The best compliment is each and every review I get. Even if it’s less than perfect. I enjoy seeing what each person that reads it has to say. I take the bad and learn from them. I use the good to help me push through the rough times.

  1. Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?
No matter how tough it seems to get, keep going!!!!

FUN and Wacky questions
  1. Have you ever gone out in public with your shirt on backwards, or your slippers on, and when realizing it, just said screw it?
Not that I can remember but I have went out in my pajamas. 

  1. Do you prefer fuzzy or tub socks?
Depends on the weather... if it’s winter I definitely like fuzzy. If it’s in the summer...none because I would rather wear my summer shoes. (Flip flops or sandals)!

  1. Are you a person who makes their bed in the morning, or do you not see much point?
There’s no point. I’m the only one who sees it and I’m only going to mess it up that night anyway. 

  1. Be honest, how often do you wash your hair?
I wash my hair at least every other day. There’s been a time or two where I’ve went three days, but then I have to wash it. 

  1. Do you get road rage? What pisses you off the most about other drivers?
Surprisingly, I don’t drive... yet!

  1. Do you go out of your way to kill bugs? Are there any that make you screech and hide?
I will go out of my way to get away from any bug. They make me run and hide. 

  1. Coffee or Tea?
Coffee in the morning. Iced tea in the afternoon. 

  1. What is your biggest phobia?
Bees and spiders

  1. What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to social media? (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
I hate seeing a bunch of food posts on Facebook and I hate seeing a person “like” their own status. It’s honestly like high fiving yourself after a job well done. Obviously you like the post dummy because YOU wrote it.

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Publication Date: December 12, 2012

Amber Brown spent her entire existence believing Dave was her father. When her mother reveals this is untrue, she goes through an emotional spiral with depression. It's hard for her to believe her mother had lied to her all this time.

A move to a new home and town causes Amber to be consumed by her "darkness" and reverts to cutting to free herself from her pain.

When Casey, her new friend enters her life, she introduces Amber to parties, drugs, and Amber's new boyfriend Landon. The secret of cutting begins to take affect on Amber as she tries to hide it from her friends and family. In the midst of everything, Amber has the desire to find out who her biological father is.

Follow Amber through her trials of depression and cutting, along with the discovery of love.

Purchase Links for Silenced (1st book in Series)

Silenced 2: The Overtaking

Release Date: August 2013
In life when one thing goes wrong, it can feel like everything goes wrong. Secrets come to the surface while friendships twist out of control, romantic relationships end, and even a dear loved one can die!

In Silenced: The Overtaking Amber’s life turns to chaos when she finds out Sarah, her childhood friend dies suddenly, her stepfather reveals another devastating family secret, and her boyfriend begins pushing her away.

After all the truth comes out, Amber turns to her darkness for comfort when her worst fear becomes reality. Her secret with cutting is discovered when she loses control and ends up in the hospital. Amber’s long journey to recovery begins with a battle. While she’s fighting her way to freedom, she discovers the one love she’s been missing her entire life.

Will Amber overtake her darkness of cutting or will the darkness overtake her?

Official Book Trailer Link:


Autumn said...

Loved the interview. Especially the fun and wacky questions. How funny just this morning I was reading your post about a bee and spider. I can not stand spiders, bees well I like to run haha. I will try not to post food on my wall lol, I actually like it when people post recipes since I like to try new things. On the liking your own post I do not know why people do that so weird.

KrissyPiper said...

Well done Mrs.Buda!! :)

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Great interview, great books. Great stop on the blog tour. Wishing u lots of luck Raebeth.

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Great interview, fantastic books! This blog tour rocks! :)

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Awesome interview Raebeth!! I enjoyed reading it.

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I really love this blog stop. You had some really awesome questions. I learned some more about Raebeth!!


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