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First Love Hop feature with Shelly Lieber

About the Author

Shelley Lieber is an author with a split personality. As The Wordy Woman, publishing consultant, she wrote 4Ps to Publishing Success and Publishing Made Easy & Profitable for new and aspiring authors.
Her wilder side writes erotic fiction under the nom de plume Elyse Grant. The Prince Charming Hoax, her debut novel, introduces two female protagonists with strong and sometimes conflicting personalities that match her own inner selves: smart, creative, and nurturing vs. sassy, ambitious, and daring.

A third personality common to both Shelley and Elyse is Vegan Novelist, who writes about her adventures with vegan food and lifestyle.

 The Prince Charming Hoax Blurb

THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX, a novel by Elyse Grant (aka Shelley Lieber), is the steamy hot and often funny story of best friends Leah Gold and Roxanne Stein, each trying to break free of the “happily ever after” fairy tale myth. Abandoned by her latest Prince Charming on the eve of what she expected to be the start of a new life, Leah begins an introspective journey through her past for answers. When she discovers what really stands between her and happiness, she sets off on a mission to help spare other women the pain of looking for love in all the wrong places—even though she knows her crusade may just be a battle that destroys her real prince. In contrast to the reclusive Leah, Roxie teeters on the edge of self-destruction as she tries to satisfy her unquenchable thirst for excitement. Drugs and sex don't diminish her cravings, and the man she falls for, while charming, is no prince. Once they team up on a crazy trip from their South Florida home to Philadelphia and New York, they stumble onto how to save themselves, each other, and perhaps womankind—a surprise to everyone, especially themselves.

Interview with Shelley Lieber (Elyse Grant)

What genre do you write?
I write contemporary women’s fiction, some might call it erotic romance ;-)

What’s the best part about being an author?
I can create characters that do the things I don’t dare in real life. Also, I can “get even” with real-life people by creating characters like them and then putting them in embarrassing situations.

What’s the worst part?
I’m not really sure there is a down side, but I guess having my computer hijacked by characters that want to steal the story is a bit of a struggle. In THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX, I battled with Roxie all the time. I finally promised that if she behaved, I’d write another book where she’d get the lead the role.

How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing for as long as I’ve been reading. I still have my first book that my father brought me and I wrote all over it with my own additions to the story.

What are some of the things you’re passionate about?
I’m a passionate person, so I do most things all out or not at all. Many of my “causes” are based in freedom (civil rights, women’s rights), but I’m also passionate about nutrition and health; conscious living; and “green” lifestyle.

At the end of the day what keeps you “moving forward”?
I keep many quotes posted around my office. The very first one I posted was, “Write on your heart that every day is the best day of the year,” from Ralph Waldo Emerson. That keeps me looking forward to my next “best day.”

When you’re depressed what helps bring you out?
Being grateful is the best mood-lifter I know. 

If there were one statement you could make that you stand for what would it be?
Be yourself. Everyone else is taken. (Someone else thought that up, but I like it!)

How do you “combat” negativity when it presents itself?
Love, love, love. I feel it, show it, express it. Can’t help but feel better! Also, journaling is a good release ;-) 

What’s your favorite movie?
Don’t laugh. “The Little Mermaid.” Think about’s got it all: romance, coming of age, good vs. evil, action scenes, great music, colorful characters, and a happy ending.

Who is/are the people that inspire you to keep moving forward?
I am inspired by stories of people who move forward regardless of obstacles. It doesn’t have to be a famous person or’s the stories of everyday people who do amazing things that inspire me most because it reminds me that we each have the potential to be the hero or heroine of our own story.

Do you have any links that you’d like to share with us?
Sure, thanks for asking!
Shelley Lieber blog:


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