Tuesday, February 12, 2013

(Review) The Life We Dream by JH Glaze

Title: The Life We Dream
Author: JH Glaze
Format: Kindle


True Love Is Forever.

From critically acclaimed author J. H. Glaze comes a touching tale of lost love and rediscovery.

When Jack Bailey receives a call from an old friend, he discovers that the girl he has loved for most of his life is in hospice and only has a short time to live.

Through his memories, we come to understand the depth of his passion and why this love could never be forgotten.

Come with Jack as he travels to see her one last time in this bittersweet tale of undying love. You may soon begin to believe that anything is possible in 'The Life We Dream'.

This story is a departure from the Horror/Thriller genres for J.H. Glaze and explores the author's views on the enduring aspects of true love.

About the Author

 JH Glaze is the author of the popular "The Paranormal Adventures of John Hazard" series, "The Horror Challenge" series, and many other novellas and short stories. He lives with his wife and dogs in Atlanta, Georgia.

My Review

Here at The Writing World, I am a fan of the very talented author JH Glaze who normally writes within the Horror/Suspense Genre. When I learned he wrote a romance novella, I had to purchase it. I needed to see how an author that normally writes in such a dramatic and sometimes gorry genre would pull off the romantic side of things.

I am so happy that I gave this book a chance. When I first began reading, I wasn't sure what to expect because I hardly ever read a books description. I like the journey the author has planned for me to be unexpected.

The plot was hard for me to guess and the characters are very likeable. The main character Jack finds out his childhood love is dying from cancer. He packs up and plans a one last visit to her so he can see her just one last time.

I must say that this is definitely one that I didn't expect Mr. Glaze to write. It's very different from his normal books. This story is short but very sweet. It will make the reader appreciate more about their life. This story is sad but has a happy tone all at one time. I have mixed feeling as I finished it. The ending is very emotional.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes love stories where you can't guess the ending. As well as anyone looking for a quick read. It's well worth it.

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