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Interview with Jayson James

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Let’s see, this is always a tough question for me to answer.   Recently I discovered I am what is being labeled as a m/m new adult author.  It is funny when I completed my first novel, I never gave any thought to what genre I was writing or would be writing under, only that I was enjoying what I was writing.  I am a teacher by day and a writer by night (weekend, and any other time I can find).  

What do you do when you are not writing?
I like to draw, read, watch movies and socialize.

Do you have a day job as well?

When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book?
I’ve been writing and drawing for as long as I can remember.   My debut novel, “Finding Our Way” I finished in May 2012.

How did you choose the genre you write in?
I think it chose me, being before I wrote “Finding Our Way” I’d never wrote anything like it before.

Where do you get your ideas?
They pop into my head sometime and other times I dream about them.

Do you ever experience writer’s block?
Most definitely. 

Do you work with an outline, or just write?
I do a little of both.  I typically start writing, and then I will use a bunch of Post-It Notes and put them all over my board, window and wall, which eventually get typed up into my outline.

Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?
Not knowing what to do.  Each book has been a learning experience.  It seems like there is someone out there who knows how to do it better. 

If you had to go back and do it all over, is there any aspect of your novel or getting it published that you would change?
I would have published my first novel in the series and waited to publish further ones until after publishing some other works.

Can you tell us about your upcoming book?
“Drifting” is a book I’ve wanted to write from the time I finished with “Finding Our Way.”  The reason being is the storyline is nothing I have ever seen written before and I think the readers will truly enjoy it.   Derrick and Justin are two best friends who fell in love and have gotten to a point in life together where they still love each other, but are finding themselves no longer in love.

Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?
There is definitely a mix of truth and made up in my books.  My mind goes to another place when I write, so it is always interesting when my friends will read something and make a comments (such as remembering when I went through the same situation) and I’d forgotten I had shared it with them.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
It depends on the book.  For my “Finding Our Way Series” I have loved how each book starts and ends in the same spot/setting.   It was not something I thought out and planned, but each book ended up this way.
How did you come up with the title?
LOL  Anyone who knows me, knows often the title is one of the last parts I think up for my books.   They typically are names after the first character I thought up, such as for “Finding Our Way” was (and still is labeled) “Derrick,” while the latest book I’ve just started writing takes the first letter from each characters first name, so it is called TED.  By the time I finish writing a novel

What project are you working on now?
Currently I am working on a story named TED (once it's finished, I will have a different title).   TED focuses on three guys dealing with individual struggles.  One of the characters is written in first person; Turner is writing in a journal about the events in his life after his counselor recommended it.   I am writing the story in layers, giving the readers an inside look to each character as the storyline unfolds. TED also focuses on serious matters such as bullying and depression, and the effects it has on not just one person, but other people's lives as well.

Will you have a new book coming out soon?
Yes, I do.   “Drifting” will be out sometime this summer.  It is about these two guys who have been together for a couple of years in a relationship and have found themselves, well drifting apart.  The book deals with what happens in a relationship when two people quit liking who they are with, but instead would like them to be more of what they expect.  Although it the third book in the series, I wrote this book to be read by both readers of the previous books and first time readers.

Are there certain characters you would like to go back to, or is there a theme or idea you’d love to work with?
For the last year, I have been writing Derrick and Justin in different novels.  Now that I am not writing them, I have found myself missing them.  I have a couple of ideas to use with them both in the future.

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

The toughest is when someone doesn’t like my writing, mostly when they do not give any reasoning behind why.  Overall, I like hearing people’s thoughts and each time I get a review I am excited to see what someone thought about my writing.   The best compliment I can think of is I received a message from a reader who was halfway through “Finding Our Way” and she told me how much that she loved the characters and connected with them as if they were people she knew.  Even before she finished the book she had bought “Tormented Discovery” and could not wait to see what happened with the characters next.  As she read further she kept on writing me and telling me about what she found funny and what touched her, citing how and why she had the opinion she did.  It touched me hearing how someone who did not know me, really connected with my characters (and me).

Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?
Thank you to those who have bought and read my books!   It has been a long time dream of mine to be a published author.  Each month that I see a report of book sales, I am reminded there are people out there who have helped contribute to making this dream come true.   It would be great to someday be able to just write (draw and teach) for a living.  Also, please write reviews!   Twenty words are quite easy to type up regarding one’s opinion and justifying why they have selected the amount of stars they are giving.  Your feedback is always appreciated!   

I’ve now started some FUN and Wacky questions for those interviewed on my site.
Have you ever gone out in public with your shirt on backwards, or your slippers on, and when realizing it, just said screw it?  There is no way I would go out like that!
Do you prefer fuzzy or tub socks?  Short socks
Are you a person who makes their bed in the morning, or do you not see much point?  Most of the time I do not make.
Be honest, how often do you wash your hair? Daily
Do you get road rage? What pisses you off the most about other drivers?   Thankfully for some drivers shouting profanities like a sailor behind closed windows is as bad as I get.  I hate it when people go slow and think it is up to them to be the pace car.
Do you go out of your way to kill bugs? Are there any that make you screech and hide?  It always drives people nuts, but I take them and put them outside, especially spiders.  Flies are about the only bug that I kill.
Coffee or Tea?  Tea
What is your biggest phobia?  Acrophobia- Fear of heights.

What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to social media? (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)   I don’t think I have any… If something bugs me, I will scroll past it.

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Twitter: @jaysonjamesbook

“Finding Our Way”

Justin Parker and Derrick Wilson have been best friends since meeting back in middle school.  Currently they are in their junior year at Chandler High School, and living the good life as teenagers.  They have great girlfriends, plenty of close friends, their own cars, and parents who are well off. As nice as things might look to an outsider, something is missing from each of their lives.
Justin has become the invisible son in the midst of his parents failing marriage. In an effort to get his parent’s attention, Justin keeps getting into trouble. So far he has been able to get away with anything without facing any repercussions, while Derrick is feeling distant and tired of what he feels is a too “perfect family”.   He just wants to have a normal social life and spend time with his friends without the pressures from his family to spend time with them.  With blurring the lines of friendship in the process to realizing what was missing and discovering who they really are.
Justin and Derrick take turns narrating the story of their junior year in high school and all of the events that take place in their lives. Being a teenager can be tough.  Being gay can be tougher.  For Derrick and Justin they are both, and life cannot get any more complicated.
What happens when two best friends cross the boundaries of friendship?  Will they be able to be happy together?  Will they keep their secret?

“Tormented Discovery”

Justin and Derrick have a secret that they revealed only to their closest friends.   They are gay and are now a couple.  The story of Justin and Derrick continues as they learn more about being a gay couple in their senior year of high school and the complications that arise from it.   Some friends will have their backs while others simply stand on the sidelines.  Other friends will be accepting and others will ridicule them.

Sometimes love is almost not enough to save a relationship and both Derrick and Justin begin to have their doubts as they watch relationships around them rise and fall.  Justin and Derrick both want to have new experiences, new choices and make new friends, which leads to them questioning their own relationship.  They soon discover that some of the people they consider friends have their own secrets, some darker than others.  The couple begins to see how people react towards homosexuality and just how people want to deal with it and them.

Will Justin and Derrick be able to hold onto each other while their lives and secrets spiral around them?
Or will they decide to step back and give up on themselves and each other?


What happens when you are no longer in love with the one you love?  Derrick Wilson and Justin Parker are back and in their second year in college.  After many years together, they are finding themselves growing apart.  Derrick feels like Justin has gotten too wild.  Justin finds Derrick to be boring.   Will they be able to find a way to work out their differences or will they end up parting ways?

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