Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Release Event for “Kilingiri” by Janna Gray

Book Title:  Kilingiri
Author:  Janna Gray
Release Date:  May 21st 2013
Genre:  Romance, Women’s Fiction, Romantic Saga, Saga
Publisher:  GMTA Publishing, LLC
Presented by:  As You Wish Tours


With exotic locations richly painted, Kilingiri, a saga of love and loss with its many painful twists and turns, proceeds like beads threaded on silk until the circle is completed.


1968, Srinagar, Kashmir and Nina is devastated by the death of her new-born baby girl.
Sister Angela and Father Michael at the mission hospital step in to nurse Nina back to health
but when the friendship between Nina and Father Michael turns to love, Michael makes a
decision which will resonate through the years.

It is 1981 and in Kinsale, Ireland, Nina, devoted to her son Joshua, lives a loveless existence,
but a chance encounter changes everything. Michael is back in her life, he leaves the
priesthood and happiness is within their grasp.

But when past and present collide, their whole world is turned upside down.

Only by facing the consequences of what has gone before, can Nina and Michael embrace
the future.

Janna Gray guides us masterfully through this poignant story of love, loss, betrayal and


Thongkla Prison squatted like a malevolent toad in a swamp of stinking mud, the walls crumbling like cream-crackers where inclement weather and pollution had eroded its fabric, staining the formerly pale grey stone with leprous patches of grime and mildew.  The stench of sewage and unwashed bodies filled nostrils and lacquered throats with a stinking, oily film.

After being accused of possessing marijuana in a quantity that indicated trafficking, Nina had been incarcerated in this hell-hole for the past three months. Greg had arranged for James Pembroke, one of Bangkok's finest legal brains, to take her case. Having been raised in Thailand he spoke the language fluently, thus avoiding the need for an interpreter which was a vital asset in a country where all legal transactions were carried out in Thai.

The prognosis for was not promising.

‘Your fiancée is in a devil of a mess, Dr. McKinley. I'm sure you realise that trafficking is a criminal offence in Thailand. Our country has a very real problem with drug smuggling across the borders with Burma and Laos and officials here are determined to stamp out this illegal and highly dangerous activity. I don't need to remind you that if found guilty, Miss Maitland will be executed or serve a life sentence?’

Janna Gray grew up in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and was educated at boarding schools in
Kodaikanal, South India and Derbyshire, England. She trained to be a teacher in London
where she met and married her husband Simon. His job took them to Singapore, Hong Kong
and Thailand where she raised two sons, worked at British and International schools and
wrote articles for newspapers and magazines.

Currently living in the UAE, Janna was the Senior Mistress (a title which caused much
merriment among her colleagues!) and Head of Pastoral Care at Repton School before
trading her marking pens and report cards for the world of writing novels. She enjoys
travelling and sailing and had a love-hate relationship with exercise until she discovered
the joy of Zumba where the trainers turn a blind eye to her inability to remember dance
sequences. She sings in the shower and with choirs, has an allergy to golf and recently
discovered the allure of oils and acrylics – a delightfully messy way to express her inner

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Janna Gray said...

Thank you very much for promoting 'Kilingiri' on your fabulous blog. Really appreciate the time and effort.
Janna G xxx


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