Thursday, May 9, 2013

(Review) Burning Bridges by Nadege Richards

Title: Burning Bridges
Author: Nadege Richards
Format: Kindle
Pages: 379


Do or Die...

In a world that has been divided amongst the Hunter race and the Warrior, prisoners who have fallen prey to King Cyrus' decrees are forced into the arena to fight until death. Winner is granted mercy and privilege to see another sunrise. Death unto the weak. In an attempt to get back at everyone who has ever shut her out, seventeen year-old Princess Echo becomes another victim, dragging Ayden, her forbidden love, along in a race to freedom, to find out who she really is, and to put a world that has been swallowed by lies back together again.

In the first installment of The Bleeding Heart Trilogy, life becomes a dangerous game of kill or be killed, love or let go. When death threatens the forbidden love of an unlikely couple and they are forced to do the unthinkable, to what extent will they go to be together?

My Review 
(5 Stars)

Where do I even begin? Overall I loved this book. As soon as I finished reading it, I had to buy the second in the series. The plot ran smoothly and kept my attention. The characters are very well written and developed. These two things are one of the major things in a book that I look at. If I can't get into the plot or the characters, I have a hard time finishing the book. Not with this one. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. I would read into the early morning hours knowing I had an early morning the next day. I just couldn't help it.

The cover art made the book even more interesting for me. This added in with my want to read. The book carries emotions that the reader takes with them even after the story is over. I found myself laughing and even crying in parts of this book.

I would recommend this read to everyone and suggest you don't pass it up. It's very well worth the time and you won't regret it. 

*** I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.***

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