Friday, February 3, 2012

Building Vocabulary When Writing

One of the most important aspects of writing well is by building your vocabulary. I think when one is fluent with the English language, it maximizes their ability to tell not a good story but a great one. Many people get overwhelmed when it comes to learning new words because there's so many words out there. It is challenging to get the new vocabulary words from the short term memory into the long term memory. But with a little help of a few strategies, learning vocabulary can be fun. I try to challenge myself in different ways just to see what works best for me. What may work best for one doesn't always work best for another. So, I think it's a good idea to try several learning strategies when expanding ones vocabulary.

** Flashcards- This works best for me. Put the vocabulary word on one side and it's definition on the other. Then, quiz yourself with both. This is really good when you're really wanting to know the exact definition of a word.

Although some may use other ways to learn them, the point isn't how you learn them. It's learning them all together. If you practice different vocabulary words, in what way do you learn them?

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