Saturday, February 11, 2012

Character Realization

Silenced is coming along well. (For those of you who are new and don't know what Silenced is... it's my WIP.) The editing is taking a turn I didn't expect. As I'm reading through, I'm finding places where new idea's come about and I just have to add them in. It seems it went from an editing phase back to a rewrite.

One aspect that's really important within a novel are the characters. Writers create these characters to portray certain characteristics and they have these character go through certain things. My MC in my WIP deals with major depression. So, one aspect you'll read in the book is where she goes to see a doctor ("shrink").

At first, when this idea came to me, I had no idea what happened during the sessions. So, I set the goal to find out. I did some research on the Internet but the information I found didn't quite fit what I needed. So, I talked with my older sister (who works for a Psychiatrist) and got some information from her. This information helped a bit.

Then, I figured ... it's been a while since I did any type of counseling for my depression, I'd experience this myself. Not only would I use my sessions as helping me but also helping my reading as well. This experience has helped me write some amazing "scenes" within my book.

Question to those who write: What lengths do you go to... to ensure your portraying your characters the way you envision them?


Emily said...

This is an awesome post! Oh and congrats you won an award:

robinzon said...

hi, I'm a nigerian writer currently dealing with the problem of character realization/ role playing because i really want every piece i write to be fascinating, headturning and the rest. i enjoyed this... but seriously, let's get a bit technical : what is role playing/character realization or actualization?
please reply or write a pageful of information on the subject. thanks in anticipation. Of course i can be reached directly via my blog or feel free to mail the info.


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