Saturday, February 25, 2012

Silenced Characters- Part Two

I have learned while writing, it's really fun and helpful to find photo's of those who look like the characters in the stories you're writing. Although these photo's aren't owned by me, please keep in mind they look like the characters and are not the actual characters. Enjoy.

Let me introduce the look like to Landon. Here's a small bit about Landon.

Age: 18

Worthiness: Focused, Passionate, Sympathetic, responds actively to surroundings, embraces opportunity, reinforces the main character, Amber

 Landon hates conflict and would rather everything go smooth. Amber gives him a run for his money with her attitude and her drive to have a great time.

Let me introduce, Patrick. He's mostly confused and doesn't know what he wants. He's dating Casey and their relationship is like a roller coaster. He likes to party and have a great time. Although, drugs are his thing, he's caring and doesn't like conflict either.


L.A. Jones said...

they are both pretty cute. the first one remind me of an actor.

Tor Hershman said...

silenced characters...MAI


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