Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review- Altered Journey by Roberta DeCaprio

Title: Altered Journey
Author: Roberta DeCaprio

Pages: 394
Format: eBook and Paperback

Meet Guylan Sincloud, a Druid able to travel through time, and Nela O’Riley, a young woman able to change the future. Both inheritance of magical gifts, the destined couple must use their gifts in order to achieve satisfaction for both themselves and their families. However, changing the past and future by resurrecting the dead and preventing death, alters the present. Is this worth possibly sacrificing Guylan and Nela’s relationship?

After all, in some families, not even death is final.


Altered Journey is a great adventure and I enjoyed reading it. The plot runs smoothly although at times the journey seems to move slow. This book shows the in site of it's two main characters Guylan and Nela. The journey was remarkable with new curves with every page you turned. The details throughout the book had my heart racing and at some points within the story I even wanted to cry.

I am giving Altered Journey a Four Star review. I had a hard time staying with the story because of the font issues and the dropped caps didn't seem to match up at times. I think the format could have been better but the plot of the story was amazing.

Thank you Roberta for the wonderful read.

Roberta DeCaprio Website

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