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Author Interview featuring Wenona Hulsey

Welcome to The Writing World Wenona Hulsey. It's great having you here. 


Author Wenona Hulsey spends her time scaling roof tops, kicking bad guy tail and rescuing small kittens from tree tops.  But when she isn’t asleep, she’s a mother of two beautiful children and fiance to the man of her dreams.  She lives vicariously through great books and creates magical worlds in her spare time.  She is also an avid social networker, who loves to meet new people. 


1. Please tell the readers a bit more about you.
I'm Wenona Hulsey, mother and blue collar worker by day-Writer of magical worlds by night.

2. What types of books do you write?
I write modern day epic fantasies with a good dose of romance and humor but I do have a suspenseful crime thriller in the works too.  

3. Who's your main audience?
My main audience would be women between the ages of 18 and 50 based on my facebook following.  I wouldn't recommend it for any under the age of 18 because of the adult situations.

4. What do you think of this term- Writer's Block? How do you overcome it?
That term makes my skin crawl!! lol  I have hit it head on many times and usually it's because of my workload at my day job.  That's the times when I feel like I've lost touch with my characters and story so I take the a moment to read back a few chapters and get a feel for where the story was going.  Usually that's all it takes to get me excited again about the story.

5. How many books have you written?
I have published one novelette, Blood Awakening, and one full length novel, Burden of Blood but I have a 3rd manuscript complete and sitting on a shelf just waiting for me to pick it back up and write the second draft.  I'm holding off on that one while I complete my 3rd book in the Blood Burden series titled Blood Of Fire.  I'm planning on publishing that one this summer.

6. Are you self published or traditionally published?
I am self-published and loving it.  Yes, it's a bit more work than being traditionally published but the reward is so much greater.  You aren’t limited by what a big house publisher wants to publish, which is only what is currently trending, and you have final say in every part including cover design.

7. What's the hardest part of the writing process for you?
That would be killing off a character.  I get so attached to these people that I dream up, even the bad guys, that I have trouble letting them go.  I want to save everyone and have them all live happily ever after but I know to have a compelling book that sticks with a reader you have to let go of a few characters.  But that fact doesn't stop me from crying.

8. What type of books do you enjoy reading?
I don't have one genre that I stick to.  I read paranormal romance, young adult and even horror.  I just love a good book that grips me from the first page until the last.

9. How long does it take you to write a book?
I have written a novel in 30 days but in most cases it's around six months before I'm satisfied with what I have and publish.

10. Out of all of your characters, which is your favorite? Why?
This may seem strange but my favorite character to write has been Sage.  She's a supporting character in the Blood Burden Series and a ball of fire.  She gets to say exactly what's on her mind and doesn't care who is around.  Sometimes I think it would be nice to speak my mind and not worry about the ramifications.

11. What does your family think of your writing?
My family is the greatest! They know when I'm in that writing zone and do their best to give me my space to think.  It takes a strong family to support a writer since it's a solitary venture and mine has really found a wonderful balance.

12. What's the latest news you'd like to share?
I'm currently working on making Burden of Blood available in print so keep an eye out for that and I will be publishing the final book in the Blood Burden series this summer to ebook and print.

You can friend her on:
Blog:  http://wenonahulsey. com/

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