Friday, June 22, 2012

David Estes Blog Tour

Welcome David... 

It's great having you back here with us today. Thank you for stopping by.  For those of you who are new to David's work and have yet to meet/greet David, here is a small bit about him:

I'm an American living Down Under. I write every day as it is my true passion in life. I write in the hopes that I can excite, delight, and entertain my readers, past, present, and future.

David is joining us today for his up coming release The Moon Dwellers!! Here's the excerpt for his book:


A riot breaks out as I make my way back to my cell. That’s the way things work in the Pen. You’re minding your own business and then you’re in the middle of a brawl. Like the one I am in now.
A fist the size of a miner’s hammer bashes the side of my skull, forcing my eyes shut and sending stars dancing across my field of vision. When my sight returns, I see what hit me. Wielded by a tattooed mountain, the clenched fingers are like a wrecking ball, colliding with anything and everything in their destructive path. And I am in the way.
I can fight the guy, but he isn’t even fighting me. He’s just fighting in general, swinging at anything that moves.
Each time I try to push through the human net surrounding us, clawlike hands force me back into the center. Ducking under another arc of human flesh and bone, I fire back, aiming my own punch at his ribs. When I connect, tendrils of pain rip through my hand and explode up my forearm. For a moment I think I’ve punched the stone wall by mistake. The steroidal teenage mountain looms over me, finally focusing his violence on a single target: me. I am in way over my head.
His fist is the size of a basketball as it cuts toward my face. There’s no time to move. I close my eyes.
I hear a groan before I’m knocked to the floor by a big body, but my head doesn’t hurt. When I open my eyes I am surprised to see darkness on top of me. And then I’m pulled to my feet by Cole, who charges through the impenetrable human blockade, tossing surprised bodies to either side as he pulls me to safety.
We race down a hall and pass by guards who are striding in the other direction, their eyes sparkling with excitement, their knuckles white and gripping clubs and Tasers. They like when there are riots. It means they get to satisfy their lust for blood.
We turn a corner and nearly run into Tawni, who is galloping toward us. Her eyes start on me, but then flick to Cole and widen. “Are you okay?” she says, lifting a hand to his face.
I follow her gaze to Cole’s eye, which is already swollen. I realize that the reason my head isn’t hurting is because Cole’s is. He took the hit for me, and took it well. I’ve been protecting myself for so long that it feels weird to have someone else do something for me.
“I’m fine,” Cole says, pulling Tawni’s hand away from his face.
“Thanks, but—” I start to say.
“No problem.”
“I wasn’t finished. Thanks, but I could have handled him on my own. I know how to look after myself.” I’m being a brat, but I can’t seem to stop myself.
Cole half-grins, half-grimaces. “Sure,” he says.
“No, really, I was fine,” I say. “I know how to fight.”
“If you say so,” Cole replies. “It just looked like that dude was gonna make mincemeat out of your face, but next time I guess I won’t bother…”
I take a deep breath, try to stop being the cold, isolated person I’ve become. “Sorry…I mean…thanks. Yes, thank you—that’s what I meant to say.”
“No problem,” Cole repeats. “Now we better get into our cells before that riot spills out this way.”
I know he is right because I can hear the roar of chaos growing louder. I don’t know what else to say, so I leave them and head back to my lonely cell. 

I want to thank David for stopping by today and joining us on his tour. In addition to that, I want to thank you (the person reading this) for stopping by and helping to make David's tour successful. 

The Moon Dwellers, will be released on June 30th  

Add The Moon Dwellers to your goodreads reading list using the following link!

You can also visit David on his blog here:


David Estes said...

Thanks Raebeth! I'm so excited that you were part of the blog tour for The Moon Dwellers and can't wait to see what all of your readers think about my new book!

Nicole Marie said...

Great post! Thanks for helping with the tour, I am so excited about this book!

Greg Buda said...

Nice post. Sounds like a great book. I'll have to add it to my list.


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