Sunday, June 10, 2012

Become a Character in my next book.....

Character's are one of the most dynamic parts of a book. In my opinion, I think they take more work then the book itself. When creating a character, an author has to think of things such as... Are they the protagonist? What is their novel worthiness? Distinguishing features such as eyes, hair, face shape, nose shape, condition of their teeth, or age? Are they attractive? What are their values? These are only a few of the questions an author answers when creating a character.

My question to you... Have you ever wanted to be a character in a book? Well, here is your chance. I'm giving my readers a chance to make that happen. In my current work in progress, I got the idea of having you help create some of the essential characters within the book. The characters will have your name, looks, personality traits, etc.

All you have to do is this.... let me know you're interested and are willing to provide information when needed. You'll help with your characters lines and their behavior to the events going on within this book. Sound cool?

Those who are interested will fill out a questionnaire and character worksheet. This will help me create your character within the book. Now, there are limited characters in which need created.  They are certain ages so please keep in mind, if you're chosen, you MUST remember their age. As an example, the character can't be 24 years old and act like they're 16.

In addition to this, you'll be asked to submit a photo that can be used with promotion of the book. Therefore, the photo submitted must belong to you and you MUST have the copyright. Permission to alter the photo must be given.

There are three female characters and one male character that need created. Therefore, there will be four winners. Here is the prizes:

  • Mentioned in the acknowledgements page.
  • Their edited photo posted on our Facebook page.
  • Advanced reading of the book.
  • A signed bookmark, pen, and magnet with book cover.
  • Interviewed on my blog.
  • Copy of finished ebook before it's released.
What do you have to do? It's easy. Sign up HERE for the Character newsletter. More details will be emailed at a later date. (Such as the questionnaire and character worksheet)


Anonymous said...

That sounds so cool! Count me as applying for the position. :)

The Gray Monk said...

This sounds like a proposition to good to miss. I'd love to see what you turn me into! Let me know what you need from me.


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