Monday, June 11, 2012

(Review) Shades of Grey by Michael Cargill

Title: Shades of Grey
Author: Michael Cargill
Pages: 94
Format: ebook


John is not a very nice man. He works for the government. So who has tied him to a chair and what do they want?

James is a British soldier during WWII. Tom is a young boy with a terrible secret.

Three stories. Three very different people. All of them battling to survive.


I'm not one for short stories.... until now. I read Shades of Grey by Michael Cargill and I must say it was worth it. It's three stories of three different people in very dark worlds. The first story Shades of Grey follows the story line of a captured UK black ops agent. The main character of this one seems to be the one which is allowing the reader into his thoughts. Michael pulled me right in with this one. The second story There and Back Again is brought to the reader completely different than the first. It's focus is on a soldier during World War II which is packed with action. The third Down the Rabbit Hole is about a young boy who's abused becomes friends with his toy rabbit. This rabbit turns out to be his help in his time of need.

I give this story four **** stars. I very much enjoyed it and I'm glad I had the chance to read it.

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Michael Cargill said...

Sorry, only just seen this!

Thanks for the review, and I am glad that you liked it.


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