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How to send .MOBI files to your Kindle device.#Kindle #ebooks

How to send .MOBI files to your Kindle device

As a published author, I've given out several copies of my book Silenced for a honest review in return. One question that seems to keep coming up is... "How do I add the file to my Kindle?" 

In this step by step guide I will show you.

Save the MOBI file and be sure you know where you saved it.

First lets sign into your Amazon account. 

Once you're logged in look in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You'll find the Your Account Option. Click it. 

This will open up a screen with many options listed.  Scroll down until you see the Manage Your Kindle under the Digital content section. Click this option.

The next screen will take you to your Kindle Library. On the left side there's a column of options. Scan down the options until you see the Personal Documents Settings. Click it. It will take you to another screen which has some pretty important information on it. If you have your Kindle... either the hand held Kindle or the app on your phone, there's a certain email address listed. 

Depending on which Kindle device you want to send that file to will tell you which email you will need. Once you see the device listed scroll down to the approved email list. Make sure your email is listed. If not, add it to the list. 

After your email is there go back up to the amazon email mentioned earlier. Copy this address. Head on over to your regular email account. Choose to compose a new email. Paste the kindle address in the TO address bar. 

 Attach the MOBI file to your email. Once it's attached... press send.

Wait a few minutes and jump back over to your Amazon screen. On the left side column find the Personal Documents option and click it. Once the file you emailed has loaded to that device, the file will be listed here. 

Then you go to that device and double check it's there. Once you see it's there.. enjoy your book. After you read the book... head back to Amazon and leave a review for the author of the book. 

Happy Reading.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I've missed out on a couple of books because I couldn't download a .mobi file!


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