Friday, December 14, 2012

Silenced Street Team Looking for Members

Are you one who enjoys helping indie author get the word out about their books?

Here's a way to help. Join the Silenced Street Team.

Membership Guidelines Include the following:

The purpose of a street team is to help get the word out about the Author and their work. I'm so busy with writing and promotion... I must admit.. I need help. With the promotion of Silenced and trying to help other authors out... I have no time to write or do reviews.

For each person in this group that follows the guidelines.... will get one ecopy of Silenced. This will be for your own enjoyment.

If you are found not to be doing your part, I will have no choice but to kick you from the group. Everyone needs to pull their own weight.

I will also be trying to purchase a paperback copy of Silenced for each member per month. This way they will have both the ebook and paperback.

Any new swag will get handed out to the street team first. If you're a blogger that wants extra for giveaways... just ask.

Once I see this runs smoothly... I will lighten up a bit.

Thank you for being here and helping me.

If you think you can follow these guidelines, please use the contact me tab to request your membership.


Rebecca Mills said...

I would live to help out and we also do book shows we have one in Dec 22 and again in Feb

Rebecca Mills said...

Email at


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