Friday, December 28, 2012

(Review) The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap by Paulette Mahurin

Title: The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap
Author: Paulette Mahurin
Format: Kindle

 A women's Brokeback Mountain. The year was filled with memorable historical events: the Dreyfus Affair divided France; Booker T. Washington gave his Atlanta address; the United States expanded the effects of the Monroe Doctrine in South America; and Oscar Wilde was tried and convicted for gross indecency under Britain's recently passed law that made sex between males a criminal offense. When news of Wilde's conviction went out over telegraphs worldwide, it threw a small Nevada town into chaos. This is the story of what happened when the lives of its citizens were impacted the Wilde news. It is a chronicle of hatred and prejudice with all its unintended and devastating consequences, and how love and friendship bring strength and healing.

My Review 


This book takes place back in in 1985 and is based around the main character, Mildred and her love for Edra, her cousin. Although the love shown within this story isn't the typical family love but of a couple who romantically love each other. Mildred and Edra strive and fight to keep their relationship a secret by befriending a guy to throw off the gossip group within town. Charley helps the ladies by becoming their friend. Rumors start that Charley and Mildred are pregnant and engaged. The stress of how the town treats Mildred gets to her nerves and makes her sick. Therefore she was unable to go to town which only fueled the rumors. The gossip group of ladies within this town made me sick. I hated how they meddled in the lives of others for the heck of it and it didn't matter if they were creating problems for those around them.

I enjoyed the read and had a hard time putting it down. I kept telling myself.. "One more chapter and then I'll lay down." Of course this turned into five or six and me falling asleep with my Kindle in hand. So yes.. I couldn't put down the book to sleep. I think the author did a great job with the plot and characters. I felt for Mildred and despised the gossip ladies within this book. The ending took me on a turn I didn't expect and I had trouble holding back tears.

I recommend this book to those who are okay with lesbians and who is looking for an enjoyable read.

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