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Book Lovers Blog Hop featuring Mimi Barbour

Today I'd like to welcome another author for the First Love Blog Hop. Please help me welcome Mimi Barbour to The Writing World. She's the author of the Vicarage Bench Series.

I want to thank Raebeth for having me as her guest today – I’m delighted to be visiting her blog especially during the First Love Blog Hop.

How would you describe your writing style?

I would say that my writing style is:

(a.) Humorous - I love adding the element of humor in my stories because in my world, we always try and have a chuckle and a laugh over most things. If I spend a great amount of time with someone who is terribly serious, I get bored and I find myself feeling tight inside. But, if I’m with a friend who likes to have a bit of a giggle, I’m always much more entertained and more likely want to be with that person again.

 (b.) Shoot from the hip as far as the plotting goes - Although I always have my beginning and ending figured out in my mind before I start the story. I'm lucky that way as I know a lot of authors who can write to the end and have no idea how to finish off the book.

 (c.) Strong character development – Ever since I started reading as a child, I have to admit to being drawn to the characters in the story. It goes without saying that I like conflicts and good story telling, but once I’ve connect with the heroine and hero, I’ll always finish the book. Can’t help myself. I just have to make sure they get their happy ending.

(d.) I must admit that as I write more books, my ability to write stronger in all of the above has grown. Or it just might be that the first three stories I published were novellas and now that I’m writing full-length, it gives me more time to build the tensions and interweave intrigue.  

What are you usually wearing at three o’clock in the morning?

Pajamas and earplugs!

Important question. Silk, satin, cotton or flannel? What is your sheet of choice and why?

Since I’m a romance writer, I’d love to say satin—but—one time I bought some just to try them and see how they worked, and my husband slid off the bed and so did our blankets – all night long. Decided to go back to our good old percale cotton ones, which are always cool and always feel so smooth. No balls – I hate bally sheets. Hey! Notice I used the word as an adjective!!

 Tell us something not very many people know.

I’m a bit of a grouch in the mornings. Most of my friends think I smile all the time because, I usually do. Not so much if it’s really early. I guess you could say I’m more of a night person. Funny, if I write late at night, I don’t normally have to edit too much. If for some strange reason I write in the early morning hours, it’s pretty well all dribble and the bitchiness comes through real clear.  

What’s your typical writing day like

About eight am I start my day either on my treadmill or walking the seawall close to our house in Qualicum Beach. Then I tidy the house a bit and ready myself for the day. I eat breakfast in my office while I have my first game of spider (my bad!!). Then I check my e-mails and waste a bunch more time writing notes and checking Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, etc, etc. I call that my promo time so I don’t feel too guilty.

Then I cuss once I’ve seen that the morning has flown and I haven’t written a word. I quickly grab lunch and have my second game of spider. (my real bad!!) Then I open my manuscript and lose myself for at least three or four hours. On a good day I can write 2,500 to 3,500 words.

If I’m under the gun, I start writing first thing in the morning and go for it all day. If I put my mind to it, I can usually get a good amount written in the morning, edit it for the PM and get another bunch written for the afternoon. It doubles my output when I write in the morning also, but then I'm pretty well incognito when it comes to socializing.

I was going to say some far-out writer no one’s ever heard of, but the truth is Nora Roberts would be my choice. She’s consistently produced books that I love to read and never regret buying. I know when I start one of her stories, I will be entertained, and invariable, she’ll make me smile, chuckle, or even laugh out-loud a few times between the beginning and the end. I’d love to be able to question her about her journey to get where she is now, and most important how she grew as a writer…the aspects of the craft she would consider to be the most important and how best to work on them. And, since she’s a best-selling millionaire, I bet she’d even pick up the tab!

Tell us about your newest release.

My newest release is called Lovable Christmas Angel which went out on November 5th and to date has 76 reviews with a 4.6 out of 5 star rating. This just blows my mind!!! (With tremendous happiness I might add.) It’s a romance about a young nurse who is taking her mother’s ashes back to her homeland - Honolulu. There’s also an aunt she never knew existed who has urgently requested help. Of course, our big-hearted heroine intends to find her and offer assistance. Little does she know she’ll be taking on a cranky five-year old boy, a handsome rich hotel owner with a bit of an attitude problem and an extremely loveable angel.   

Do you have anything in the works?

Yep!!! Always!! I’m an author. We always have something percolating, being written or being edited.
I just finished releasing three of my stories in an anthology called Mimi’s Mix which is being offered as a free gift to one lucky commentator. I chose a story from each of my three series’. Partners is a short introductory book - #1 from my latest new Romantic Suspense Vegas series. His devious Angel is the second story and is book #2 from the Angel with Attitudes series. And He’s Her is the third story and book #3 from my Vicarage Bench series.

I’m also in the middle of writing a short bridge story for the Vegas series called Vegas Rift which I hope to be releasing by the end of the month.

Where can we find you?

I have a really fun blog that I love to work on called Believe!

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