Thursday, January 3, 2013

#Silenced Blog Tour- Day 3

Welcome to the third stop within the Silenced Blog Tour.
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This post originally was supposed to be posted on Readers After Dark with a review.

Advice for Beginning Writers
by RaeBeth McGee (Buda) 
Being an author, I am asked so many different questions by those who have crossed my path. I’ve taken time before writing this post to seriously think about the advice I would write about. Through out the four years of writing Silenced, I have been given so much advice. So, here is the advice I found helpful within that time.

Write and write everyday. To better improve your craft, a writer should write everyday. It doesn’t have to be within a novel. It can be within a blog post, journal, etc. Those who are serious when it comes to writing always make time for it. It’s one of the most simple ways to get better. It’s a way to keep your writing flowing smoothly and will help you spot your weak areas when writing.

Start off by writing what you’re familiar with. It’s hard when you come across something you’re not familiar with and you need to write about it. This tends to stress new writers out which may tend to make them think they don’t have it in them. Everyone can write when they try and practice. 

Read. I think one can’t write without reading. A writer can’t write without the ability to read their own work. This is helpful when it comes to proof reading to find mistakes within their books. It’s helpful to see what books are selling and which ones don’t. Therefore, giving the writer an idea of where their book may fall. 

So in closing I feel these are the most important: WRITE AND READ!!!

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