Saturday, January 26, 2013

Silenced Blog Tour- Last Thoughts

What an amazing experience!!! 

The Silenced blog tour was a huge success and I must make a "last thoughts" post on it. I absolutely loved meeting each and every blogger along the way. Working with them was amazing and I'm sure I have made some new amazing friends. I want to thank each blogger who read and posted a review for Silenced. Each review is very much appreciated and I'm very thankful that you'd take time out of your busy lives to give feedback on my work. 

I must say that I have an amazing street team. I'd like to take a moment and individually thank each person within the street team that put up with all the re posting of each stop and the continued sharing of these stops each day. 

New Graphics Coming Soon for more Choices
Street Team Members Who Need Recognition Are:

Aileen Aroma (Co-Admin)
Zed Whisper (Co-Admin)
Stephen Buda
Jen Hawk 
Lesslie Casey Reigle
Leah B
Jodi Murphy
 Jessica Baker-Bridgers
Lauren Marie Sloan 
Julia Hendrix
Crystal Newman 

You all are an amazing crew and I'm glad to have you on board. As always the Silenced Street Team is always open for new members. We have fun within the group and we have become a very tight knitted group.   

I want to Congratulate the Street Team member who recently won our first "surprise" giveaway... Aileen Aroma.

We will be doing a drawing soon for the most active member within the team. The prize is a SIGNED paperback copy of Silenced.  

In conclusion, I'm working on Silenced: The Overtaking and trying to finish up Amber's story. I hit a speed bump within the storyline but I've pretty much got that figured out. Once the second half of the Silenced Series is published... I'll be planning a Blog Tour for them. 

Thank you for stopping by. If you would please take a moment and leave a comment Congratulating the team members on their success within the past month.  


Lesslie Reigle said...

It was great meeting you and the street team, I really loved your book! Can't wait to read more of your work! Thanks for being such a wonderful author !

Zed K said...

Thanks Raebeth for your kind words, but the Silenced Street Team could not have formed without you!

Ms. B said...

Awwww..... Thanks for the shout out!!! You are soooo very welcome!! I enjoy working with you and you deserve all the wonderful reviews and people around you, because you are very talented and extremely sweet!!! I'm honored to be a member of your street team and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!! :)

Aileen Aroma said...

I have been honored supporting you and being a part of the street team. I have made great friends along the way and have found a new home with new family members =)
Raebeth even though this blog tour has come to an end. We have only begun!!!!!!!!!!
I will continue to support you in all you do. Now I must leave because I want to win being the most active winner =)

Jodi Murphy said...

I would first like to thank AILEEN, for recommending Raebeths book Silenced to me. Its not the typical book I read, but once I started, I opened up to a whole new world... Thank you Aileen and Raebeth for letting me be a part of your lives <3

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful group with some amazing people. I think RaeBeth deserves everything out there. But of course being her husband.. I would think that. Thank you for the shout out and I'll continue to help with the best of my ability. I'll always support your writing because you're a great author.

~Greg Buda~


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