Thursday, January 3, 2013

[REVIEW] Oceans of Red Volume One by Willow Cross

Title: Oceans of Red: Volume One
Author: Willow Cross
Format: Kindle
Pages: 67

By 2015 the streets of Los Angeles have been transformed from a thriving metropolis to a hostile world ravaged by demons bent on assimilating the human race. Standing between this total apocalypse of humanity and their chance for survival is 19 year old Remy Martin.

 A warrior in her own right, trained to think on her feet and kill if the situation requires, she is flanked by her older brother and younger sister.  Together, they devise a plan to take back the streets.  Against the wishes of their father, who commands the resistance forces, they venture into unknown realms of the supernatural in a race against time with the fate of the entire world in their young hands.

 Join them on their mission into darkness where death lies around every corner, it is virtually impossible to distinguish your enemies from your allies, and a single mistake could result in the annihilation of everyone you've ever known and loved.

My Review

(4 Stars)

 To start off this book is a very quick read. It jumps right into action and doesn't stop until the end. When Remy is introduced she's center of all the action. At first it was hard for me to get into and understand what was happening. It didn't dawn on me until toward the end that life on earth as we know it now is over within Oceans of Red. 

The plot was nicely thought out and the characters are likeable. I liked the relationship that Remy has with her older brother and younger sister. I didn't like how there's no background to help set the environment for the reader. When I am reading I like to picture the world in the book but this one lacked description to the new world.

The book ends a little too abruptly for my liking. I would have liked to see a bit more added it before it cut off. It felt like it was right in the middle of a scene. This is why I'm giving this book four stars. I think it's a good read and has me wanting to find out. So it seems that I need to read volume two to figure out what happens in the last scene.

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