Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monthly Newsletter- March

This month we have some great interviews, reviews, and spotlights scheduled. You can always keep up to date with what's coming up by viewing the panel to the left.

If you're an author that's interested in a review, interview, or spotlight... The Writing World is always open. For interviews, grab the questions and answer them. Email them back to the listed email. Please note that we will be mixing things up a bit by adding new questions. Be sure to check back for new interviews with the new questions.

We are still open to guest posting. We prefer all guest posts to be centered around writing, editing, publishing, or anything else that deals with the writing world.

We have an upcoming birthday celebration. We will be celebrating our first blogoversary soon. This means a big giveaway event with many books. More information to come on this at a later date.

We have a poll to the side which we have asked our readers if they'd like to have book giveaways. This will be ending shortly. The results will be seen and a decision will be made regarding this.

The Writing World is also looking into a special newsletter to send to those who appear on the site and to those who would like to help out. More information on this as well.

We have some secret plans coming up and we hope our readers fall into the fun and like what we've got planned. Keep your eyes out for any weird visitors who may appear out of the blue.

There you have it. Our Monthly update. That's a bit late but... hey.... late is better than never, right?

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**If you have any ideas to help The Writing World become even more exciting, feel free to share them. We are always open to our readers and their ideas. **

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