Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stars Shine After Dark by Paula Hrbacek

Stars Shine After Dark
By Paula Hrbacek
Panama City Examiner

Mona grew up in Hollywood as a child actress.  Now in her twenties, she longs for a normal experience and a more mature image.  She enrolls in UCLA and meets Tim, the star quarterback for the Bruins.  They begin to date, visiting many interesting places around Los Angeles.  But someone is leaking stories about them to the tabloids that paint an entirely different version of what is going on.  What kind of friend would do that?  

Everything seems to be going well, until Tim's career is ended by a car crash, and he settles into a routine job selling real estate.  He misses the spot light, and becomes jealous of Mona's success.  Mona thinks she is being strong by revving up her career, but she still longs for a more normal life, the one she thought she would have with Tim. Tim thinks about leaving, but finally realizes that Mona is the only woman he really wants.  They both look at their relationship, and their faith, to make changes, and recapture their love. They both realize that they should strive to be all that they can be, and that there is room in the sky for all of the stars to shine in their own way.  

In seeking out the truth, Mona also realizes who has been leaking the false rumors.  Maybe love forgives all things, but does business?

Tastefully written without all the foul language and bedroom antics, this story focuses on the emotions they feel.  It received four-star reviews from independent romance reviewers, including "tastefully done, compelling, a real page turner."

Stars Shine After Dark is available as a paperback, online only, from Amazon and B& N.   

A new and expanded version has just been released as a Nook, http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/stars-shine-after-dark?store=nookstore

Stars Shine After Dark has been reviewed by several professional book reviewers, and has been given rave reviews.  You can see some comments at B&N, Amazon, Romance Reader, and Road to Romance.

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