Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: Enchantment by Charlotte Abel

Title: Enchantment
Author: Charlotte Abel
Copyright: 2011
E book


Channie is a lovable teenage mage that lives a simple but magical life with her clannish community deep in the Ozark Mountains. She’s blessed with the ability to enchant those around her, charming not only her family and friends, but any boy with a pulse that doesn’t know how to shield himself against her magic. 
When her father’s gambling addiction earns the wrath of a powerful mage, the family is forced to flee for their lives. They escape to the suburbs of Colorado hoping to hide amongst Magically Disabled people (like you and me). 
Channie’s parents are overwhelmed by the modern world and panic when they catch her flirting with a group of “dirty-minded, non-magical city-boys.” They strip away her power of enchantment and replace it with a chastity curse that automatically zaps any boy foolish, or courageous, enough to pursue her.
Josh Abrim -- a BMX racer with a killer smile, Olympic dreams, and dangerous secrets of his own -- is just that kind of boy. When he and Channie realize their interest in each other is more than just friendship, she turns to dark and forbidden magic, determined to break the curse keeping them apart. Her inexperience makes matters infinitely worse and unleashes a malevolent force with the power to destroy everything they love … including each other.

Enchantment, by Charlotte Abel, is a book about a young woman who's learning the ways of magic and being a mage, when her entire life is picked up and twisted because of her father's gambling addiction. Her family is moved from the the Ozark Mountains where she was born to the suburbs of Colorado. 
Enchantment creates a whole new paranormal romance world where magic changes the entire view of the magical world. The journey will leave you on the edge of your seat, while turning the pages to find out what happens. The romantic relationship between Channie and Josh is so defined throughout the book, it makes the reader feel the love as well and smile with them. The plot runs smooth throughout most of the book with some slower spots within. But this doesn't take away from the adventure because when it picks up, it magically takes off into another dimension where talks of war between mages and power begins to rise from the unexpected.
I give Enchantment by Charlotte Able five (5) stars. I've added this to my must read list and I must say, I'll definitely read this one again. 

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Charlotte Abel said...

Thank you for the wonderful review. I am so pleased that you enjoyed Enchantment and I hope you like Taken as well.


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