Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

I do a lot of surfing on the web. The type of information I look for varies depending on what I am looking into. Most of the time, it's writing related. I have had my share of checking out different websites for authors who will remain unknown. As I was looking/reading/looking around, I noticed several websites lacked one important aspect and that's what I am going to discuss today.

I feel, as a writer myself, there are certain elements every writer should have on their blogs or websites. First element that I've seen the most that was missing from several blogs was a way for readers to connect with the author. As an avid reader, I love it when I can send an email to an author telling them that I loved their work or to invite them to appear here on The Writing World.

I have run into the situation where I wanted to express how I enjoyed an author's work and couldn't find any email address or contact form to get in touch with them. This sort of made me feel, as the reader, the author didn't want to hear from the readers. (Remember this is in my opinion). So, I suggest making it clear how your fans can reach you and make it easy. I hate jumping from this website and that website just to find an email address or another way to contact the author.

So there's you Tuesday Tip.

Thank you for stopping by and hanging out with us for a bit. Have a wonderful day.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right! Lately I've been having trouble commenting on some blogs but when they don't have a contact information I can't tell them.

I just went to my blog and realized I don't have a link there either, so I'm working on a contact page.

Great info!


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