Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Does It Take?

Several people that I have come to meet has asked me the same question... How do you come up with the idea's for a story and how do you write them? Well, the answer to this question can vary depending on what author/writer you ask. I feel there are no right or wrong answers to this question either. So, I'll tell you from my perspective.

First and for most, writing is a complex world. There's always something new to learn. Most of the time, when ideas come to me, I write them down and over time these ideas can be put together in a book. So, I take two different ideas, from two different times and place them together. Do I map out the plot? No, I don't. I write as I go. Some may say this isn't correct and some may agree that there's no right way to go about writing a book.

I begin with the rough draft. I keep writing not worrying about anything else. Once the rough draft is done, it's time to read it through. (Sometimes I read it more than once) After the full read through, I go back and do my edits. I changes places where I feel the plot isn't smooth or if I used the wrong name on a dialogue tag. I check the spelling, grammar, and comma usage. Once I polish this manuscript up, I contact close family and have them read it. They eventually find issues that need fixed that I didn't see because I'm too close with the story.

Once my feedback is final from those I know, off to a professional editor my manuscript goes. Although I had a great, close friend as the professional editor, I'm looking into finding an editor who does it for a living and paying for the services. Once I get their suggestions back and make my changes, I format the book for the file type, in my case it's an ebook and print copies.

You may ask, well, if you've written books where can I find them? At this moment in time, they are still on a thumb drive I have in my computer right now. I had them out there for the world to read but I found some errors within both books, I decided to take them off the market to do some improvements in them. Once they are revised, I'll put them back out there for the world to read.

So, my idea's I get I guess you could say just come to me. I don't think about them too hard. Sometimes I get inspiration from a dream or even riding down the road. It's hard to tell when an idea will hit me. My best suggestion for those who want to write is to write from the heart. Always write to express yourself rather than impress others. This is what makes each of us unique. Lastly, never and I mean NEVER give up.

If you find yourself in doubt, step back and ask yourself.... Why did I want to write this story to begin with? Once you can answer this, take a few days and think about it to be sure. Afterward, go back to your manuscript and try again. You can do it. You are good enough!

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vhudi said...

thank you for this "My best suggestion for those who want to write is to write from the heart. Always write to express yourself rather than impress others"


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